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Caodewang: how much hard work and sweat can we devote to become the founder of Fuyao Glass under such a current situation. Caodewang, the founder of Fuyao Glass Group, is also known as the "king of glass". China's leading modern plastic granulator operation covers a wide range of business entrepreneurs

caodewang is also known as the king of glass. As a representative of China's manufacturing industry, he has created high commercial value in the inconspicuous field of automotive glass. Fuyao Glass he founded is one of the largest automotive glass manufacturers in the world

1. Computing maniac

caodewang's world is composed of numbers and Computing - in the arduous business of manufacturing, the space technology mission command (STMD) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) showed great interest in nanotechnology. He relied on accurate cost calculation, quality control and risk calculation - this uneducated businessman kept reading business magazines for two hours every day, The internal reference report makes decisions and predictions from figures and tables that seem boring to outsiders

II. Glass craftsman

at the headquarters of Fuyao Glass Group in Honglu Town, Fuqing City, Fujian Province, caodewang was once called "caotel" by his subordinates

the glass factory is designed by caodewang. He often overlooks the whole factory through the glass in the top office, just like an emperor overlooking the territory - linhongying, the first batch of female workers who followed caodewang to start a business. When caodewang first moved the factory from his hometown Gaoshan town in 1987, he got up before dawn every day, drove three hours to the construction site, and toured excitedly. At that time, the bones on the cemetery had not been cleaned up

at present, in the float glass production line within sight, the high chimney continuously spits out white smoke for 24 hours, the silica sand enters the furnace, the equipment spits out the glass, and the mechanical arms pick up and cut the complete glass. On the square in front of the office building, the colorful flags are in the cold wind. Let's introduce in detail the solution to the pointer instability of the hydraulic pointer tension machine. The United States, Germany, France, South Korea Every time he "conquered" a country, Cao Dewang put a national flag on the square

it is precisely because of Cao Dewang's hard work and sweat that he can become the founder of Fuyao Glass and bring a story of the glass kingdom

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