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How much do you know about the packaging form of meat products?

[China Packaging tensile testing machine in the process of use] throughout the history of China's meat food development, there is no exception that it is closely related to the development of packaging technology. The main one is related to the flexible packaging technology. The technological innovation of the meat industry needs the support of flexible packaging technology. On the contrary, the emergence of new flexible packaging technology also promotes the development of the meat industry

the packaging of meat products mainly depends on the different forms, specifications and types of products. At the same time, due to different cultural connotations, different levels of designers and different design styles, various manufacturers have different packaging design styles and forms. Among the packaging forms, the following are common:

1. PVDC casing film is the only packaging used for all ham sausage. This kind of membrane is a double-layer processing process, which can block oxygen. It is divided into red, white, yellow, brown and other colors. Unfortunately, these are all single colors. Only according to the product needs of the manufacturer, can we save the history, and then design and print various packaging patterns

2. Artificial vegetable protein casing film is an environmental friendly, pollution-free and pollution-free casing, which is suitable for many Chinese sausage meat products. With high speed, there is no low speed or with low speed, there is no high speed. Unlike PVDC, it is not suitable for printing patterns. It needs to be protected by plastic transparent bags or other packaging forms when entering the market

3. The animal casing film is generally pig casing or sheep casing, which is suitable for Hami guarbin red sausage, Shanghai red sausage, crispy sausage, breakfast sausage, American hot dog sausage, sausage and other related canned foods. This kind of casing also belongs to pollution-free green packaging. In entering the market, it is still necessary to add external packaging or label

4. Color printing plastic film is non-toxic and oxygen resistant. It can be printed with various shapes on the transparent film. It is suitable for round meat products and square meat products, ranging from 200 grams to several kilograms. It has various specifications and patterns. It is common in supermarkets and shopping malls

5. Canned meat products this kind of meat products should be divided into iron box cans, glass bottle cans and soft packaging cans. Tin and glass cans are printed with color patterns, and some are wrapped with stickers in the form of labels; Flexible packaging cans are generally divided into multi-layer coextrusion high barrier composite film packaging and aluminum tin paper packaging, which are directly combined with objects and vacuum oxygen resistance; In addition, some are equipped with plastic color printing films, and some are combined with plastic color printing films. Their designs and printed patterns are exquisite, and their retention period at room temperature is long, usually months. Some are transparent and single-layer, and do not need oxygen resistant aluminum paper. Instead, they are sold directly in the freezer. These are low-temperature products with short shelf life. Such as meatballs, meat cakes, meat dumplings, meat chops, etc

6. Simple ordinary packaging such products use ordinary plastic film, disposable plastic box or simpler plastic bag. Their decoration design does not need to invest too much design and printing costs. The simpler the more common the better, and adapt to short-term or temporary consumption

to understand the packaging forms of these products, the packaging and decoration designers know how to start. But there are two problems to be solved here. One is the packaging modeling design that directly contacts with the product, which involves the product modeling and container modeling, such as round, square, bowl shaped, tubular, box shaped meat products; The second is the design of product labels and external packages

this design is subjective, and it is also a major subject for packaging designers. For this kind of design, it can also be divided into the following types according to different product forms:

① pattern design on the printing film, such as ham sausage

② the pattern design of label has a wide range of uses, such as the modeling products of canned or cylindrical and block meat products, which are mainly based on labels

③ plastic bags is also widely used, and is constantly enriched with the diversification of products

④ mascot logo design is commonly used in the meat industry, and plays an extremely important role in identification, promoting the product promotion of manufacturers

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