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How much do you know about the maintenance content of LED display screen in efficient application?

led display screen will cause various faults due to pollution, looseness, vibration, heating, environmental temperature change and other factors, affect the normal use of LED display screen, and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, only by mastering the correct method, it is necessary to maintain the LED display regularly. So what is the daily maintenance of LED display? Let's tell you one by one

first, patrol inspection should be carried out.

generally, the "monthly patrol inspection system" is used for LED display inspection, and the "weekly patrol inspection system" is implemented for large LED display maintenance. Specific maintenance contents and response speed commitments:

1. LED display screen maintenance, including lamp tube, module, module, power supply and control card

2. LED display control system maintenance, including controller, optical fiber conversion card, distributor and transmission card

3. Special playback operation software for LED display screen, including maintenance and upgrade of playback software

4. Regular (monthly specification: 500N 50N (optional 1) degree) on-site inspection by technicians to check and maintain the annual growth of consumption of modified plastics due to the development of the market for system automobiles, household appliances, lighting and other lighting

5. Guarantee of major activities: the company's technical personnel provide guidance to ensure the smooth implementation of on-site activities

6. For outdoor LED display, the damage caused by natural factors such as wind, rain, thunder and electricity is not within the scope of warranty. The owner shall insure with the insurance company and the insurance company shall compensate

7. During the maintenance service, the maintenance problems shall be solved within 8 hours for general faults, and no more than 24 hours for major accidents. It shall not take more than 24 hours to replace modules and other accessories during maintenance. After the maintenance is completed, the first service ensures that the large screen does not have module level or above faults (such as module color deviation, module black, one column does not light up, etc.) and plays normally

II. Cleaning

for the display screen with low protection level, especially the outdoor screen, dust in the atmosphere enters the equipment through the ventilation hole, which will accelerate the wear and even damage of the fan and other equipment. The dust will also fall on the surface of the internal control devices of the display screen, reducing the thermal conductivity and insulation performance. In case of wet weather, the dust will absorb moisture in the air and cause a short circuit; It can also lead to mildew of PCB and electronic components for a long time, resulting in decline of technical performance of equipment and failure. So, what do we do with the LED display? Management seems simple, but it is actually a very important part of maintenance

III. fastening

led display is a kind of high power consumption equipment. After running for quite a period of time, due to repeated startup, shutdown and operation, the wiring terminals of the power supply part will become loose due to cold and heat, which will form a virtual connection. In serious cases, it will heat up and even ignite the plastic components nearby. The signal wiring terminal will also become loose due to the cold and heat changes of the ambient temperature, resulting in poor contact due to moisture erosion, which will lead to equipment failure. Therefore, the connectors of the LED display must be fastened regularly. When adjusting fasteners, the force shall be even and appropriate to ensure firmness and effectiveness

IV. the surface of the display screen is clean

visually inspect and check the LED display screen under the two states of bright screen and black screen. Including: whether the surface of the display screen is polluted, in order to remove the influence of surface dirt on the luminous characteristics; Whether the surface of the display screen is damaged or cracked; Whether the communication distribution cable line is normal; For the equipment with high protection level, although the components and connectors with high reliability are selected, their tightness has become a key factor. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the integrity of the sealing part; For outdoor screen steel structure, check the surface paint and corrosion; If the outdoor screen surface is seriously polluted, the display surface shall be cleaned

led display screen cleaning belongs to high-altitude operation, and professional cleaning team is required. The high-altitude hanging rope (commonly known as spider man) or hanging blue is used for cleaning, and professional cleaning equipment is configured. The cleaning personnel select different cleaning agents for targeted cleaning according to different dirt on the screen, so as to ensure that the LED display screen can be cleaned without damaging the LED lamp tube and mask. Two points should be paid attention to before cleaning: first, the power cord should be unplugged before cleaning. 2、 Selection of cleaning solution: generally, the cleaning solution includes electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, anti-static liquid, etc. it should be of good quality to effectively clean the dust and other dirt marks on the LED screen

cleaning and maintenance are divided into three steps: Step 1: dust collection. First, remove the dirt and dust on the surface of the display screen mask. Step 2: wet washing. Pay attention not to spray the washing liquid directly on the screen, but to spray a little cleaning liquid on the cleaning cloth, and then gently wipe it in the same direction. You can also use the soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to brush the lamp cover to clean the dirt. Step 3: drying. Use the vacuum cleaner to absorb the water marks left after wet cleaning to ensure that the display screen cover is clean and free of dust

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