How much impact does the unified registration of t

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How much does unified real estate registration affect the real estate market

how much does unified real estate registration affect the real estate market

On August 15, 2014, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council announced the Provisional Regulations on real estate registration (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), which made it clear that a unified basic platform for real estate registration information management would be established. Once the "opinions" with high hopes was published, some people believed that it could lower house prices, some regarded it as a "sharp weapon against corruption", and some felt that it was a precursor to the collection of real estate tax. How much does unified real estate registration affect Changsha real estate market

in fact, the Changsha housing registration measures had been officially implemented in March, 2011, and the real estate registration information system of the municipal real estate bureau was fully upgraded in July of that year. According to the measures of Changsha Municipality on housing registration, when pre selling commercial houses, the parties concerned can apply for advance notice registration to determine the ownership, so as to prevent one household from selling more. At the same time, the house ownership certificate and registration certificate shall be consistent with the records in the house register. If the records are inconsistent, the housing register shall prevail unless there is evidence to prove that the housing register has errors. This means that the housing register will become the "household register" of the property, while the property certificate is the "ID card", and the property information will be subject to the "household register"

"Changsha's housing registration system has been relatively mature. Previously, public security organs and tax departments investigated cases, and also inquired about real estate. They can also obtain relevant information through the housing registration system." Niejianxiang, general manager of Changsha Dagang enterprise planning, believes that even if the relevant regulations are really introduced and implemented, there will not be much change to the real estate registration itself

"if the real details are not clear, the spring can obtain different stiffness. At present, it can not affect the house price." Li Yong, Secretary General of Hunan Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, told that the opinions are more about the implementation of the property law, but there is still a certain distance from the implementation, so the impact cannot be assessed at present

many developers interviewed agree with this view. At the same time, they all affirm that the unified registration of real estate is conducive to the clarity of individual ownership in the long run and is a guarantee of the national system. Jiangweihua, the marketing director of Great Wall investment, believes that "in the long run, it can promote the real estate industry to change in Xi's words, and the developers will change from rough development to fine development in the past." According to an unnamed developer, nearly four residential transactions in Changsha have become city and state buyers. Unified real estate registration may bring pressure, but there is little opportunity for centralized selling in Changsha. "Even the high-end residential market will not be particularly impacted by this."

and measuring speed, acceleration, vibration and other parameters. Many scholars believe that if the unified real estate registration is to play a more important role, it can be used directly and conveniently after it is bought back. It also needs several prerequisites, that is, it can realize the nationwide joint query, provide accurate information for the collection of real estate tax, and have a perfect identity system and credit system for resident information

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