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Glass bottle machinery energy-saving ways: gas-liquid transformation system

as a traditional high energy consumption industry, the glass industry is facing a painful test. Looking for a method that can not only improve product quality, but also save energy and reduce consumption, and walking out of a competitive and sustainable development path is an urgent thing to do! The gas-liquid transformation in container glass machinery is an important way to save energy and reduce consumption

traditional air compression technology has always been considered as the best driving force, because air is free of money, easy to access, low resistance, fast speed, and is not afraid of leakage (the data collected at the leakage point does not matter). It has always occupied a major position in glass machinery, and is used for stamping products in the molding of container glass: the main stamping cylinder in the pressing method, and the initial pressing process in the pressure blowing method. Especially in some industries with mass production based on pressing, there is a view that pneumatic high-speed is conducive to the molding of products. This leads to two problems: one is that when purchasing equipment for mass production of smaller products, air pressure is mainly used. Second, it is used in the original mass production and can manually clear the peak value; This machine is suitable for testing the compressive strength of cast iron and steel fiber concrete manhole covers; Jc889 ⑵ 001 the glass air compressor of steel fiber reinforced concrete manhole cover is maintained in use

The main characteristics of the gas-liquid transformation system are described as follows:

first, the development of new technologies in the world is changing with each passing day, which is manifested in the development of high-speed hydraulic system in addition to the traditional advantages of maintaining pressure in hydraulic technology. The seal of the main oil cylinder adopts the gley ring combination technology, which greatly reduces the piston movement resistance and improves the starting performance. It has been used in ordinary oil cylinders, and the speed can reach 1m/min. The fault free high switching frequency technology of hydraulic solenoid valve is also very mature

second, the research on the influence of hydraulic pressure on the forming quality of products continues to deepen. The stress state in the forming of products plays a significant role in the effect of subsequent heat treatment, and a controlled environmental recyclability of forming is required. At present, hydraulic technology has provided this means, from the control of forming force to the mastery of product thickness, which can be realized simply and conveniently by hydraulic technology

III. comparison of operation and maintenance of gas-liquid system: pneumatic system always has the advantages of convenient access and simple operation. However, with the development of production technology, it has become insufficient in some places. The exhaust gas of the pneumatic compressor is noisy and heavily polluted. The main cylinder is bulky and inconvenient for maintenance and inspection. Indifferent leaks become a source of waste. Too simple control is not conducive to the improvement of product quality and technology

economic comparison of gas-liquid system transformation: under the action of variable load, take the double impact air compressor, which is widely used in the glassware industry, as an example. The cylinder diameter of the main stamping cylinder is generally 260-350mm, with an average of 300mm. The actual air source pressure can reach 4kg/cm2. The output pressure is 5-6t, the required air supply is 8-10m3/min, and the power of the air compressor is 45-50kw. With the hydraulic system, the main oil cylinder diameter is only 80mm. The oil pressure only needs 100kg/cm2 to reach 5 tons, and the selected motor power only needs 18kw (double pump system). Every year, you can save () x0 by using electricity alone. 8x24x330 = 171072 yuan. The total cost of the transformation of the gas-liquid system will not exceed 100000 yuan

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