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Putian power supply company's energy efficiency service promotes "energy conservation and emission reduction" among large power users. A few days ago, Putian held a symposium on "cold storage and heat storage jointly promote energy conservation and emission reduction". Even if it passed the test report of fire-resistant B1, the technicians of relevant equipment manufacturers such as thermal storage (cold) electric boilers, heat pumps and LED lighting made detailed introductions on the implementation of energy-saving projects, and jointly contributed to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies

recently, guoputian power supply company, together with Putian Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, invited 31 large enterprise customers including Fujian Zhonghe Textile Co., Ltd. and Putian Huagang Oil Co., Ltd. in the power supply area to hold a promotion meeting of cold and heat storage to jointly promote energy conservation and emission reduction products and an activity forum of the energy efficiency service network group to publicize and promote relevant policies and products of energy conservation and emission reduction, Solicit customers' opinions and suggestions on power supply services and energy conservation and emission reduction

Lin Guozhong, chief of the energy section of Putian economic and Trade Commission, introduced the specific measures of Putian City for energy conservation and emission reduction to the representatives of participating enterprises, explained the relevant financial support policies for energy conservation transformation, and listed the cases of Putian City participating in energy conservation transformation enterprises in the past two years. Lin Guozhong, however, affirmed Putian power supply company's active implementation of the society and called on more enterprises to participate in energy conservation and emission reduction activities under the active advocacy of power supply enterprises. Subsequently, the technicians from the manufacturers of heat storage (cold) electric boilers, heat pumps, LED lighting and other related equipment introduced the implementation of energy-saving projects in detail

not only created benefits for enterprises, but also contributed to energy conservation and emission reduction. Zhang Dechang, deputy general manager of Putian aolishi shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd., who attended the meeting, was very interested in energy-saving transformation technology. He discussed energy-saving service policy support and effect evaluation, energy-saving project implementation and transformation plan with personnel of provincial energy-saving service company and technicians of equipment manufacturers, and warmly invited technicians to the company for on-site diagnosis and demonstration next week to determine the energy-saving transformation technical plan

it is reported that in the first quarter, Putian power supply company has assisted the provincial energy conservation service company to sign two contract energy projects, with a total power saving of 198700 kwh, with remarkable energy-saving effect. In the next step, the company will continue to actively connect with the provincial energy-saving service company, closely strengthen the contact and communication with the major energy customers in the company's supply area, build a bridge for energy conservation and emission reduction, and strive to promote at least two major energy customers to participate in contract energy projects within the year, create highlights of energy-saving services, serve local economic construction, and contribute to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies

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