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Energy saving analysis report on the application of CEP inverter in 380kW fans

I. energy saving principle

generally used fans, the rated air volume of the selected equipment usually exceeds the actual air volume, Because the process needs to change the air volume in operation. 1. Software and hardware: the electronic universal experimental machine with high quality generally adopts the brand computer control system software as the WindowsXP operating system platform, which has the characteristics of fast running speed, flat interface, simple operation and so on. It can meet the experimental measurement needs of different data. It can measure the physical function experiments of various data according to national norms, international norms or industry norms, At present, the adjustment method of using baffle to adjust the air volume is relatively common. Although the method is simple, it actually achieves the purpose of adjusting to apply appropriate blank holder force (generally about 1kn) to the disc sample by artificially increasing the resistance and pressing the "stamping" key. This throttling adjustment method wastes a lot of electric energy, and recycling this part of electric energy loss will receive a great energy-saving effect

II. Energy saving method

it is known from the principle of fluid mechanics that the fan air volume has the following relationship with the motor speed and motor power:

q1/q2=n1/n 2H 1/h2= (n1/n2) 2p1/p2= (n1/n2) 3

among them, q----------- air volume

h----------- air pressure

p----------- motor shaft power

n----------- motor speed

when a small amount of air is required, use the frequency conversion control device to reduce the fan speed, The input power of the motor is also reduced correspondingly, such as the wind volume is reduced to 80%, and the speed n is also reduced to 80%. The shaft power will decrease by 51% of the rated power. If the air volume decreases to 50%, the shaft power will decrease to 13% of the rated power. Its energy-saving potential is very large. Therefore, for fans with a large range of air volume regulation, using frequency conversion speed regulation energy-saving control devices to replace the damper regulation is an effective way to achieve energy conservation

III. advantages of frequency converter

drive fans, most of which are three-phase AC asynchronous motors, and some are three-phase AC synchronous motors. The speed of the motor is in direct proportion to the frequency f of the power supply. Changing the power supply frequency of the motor stator changes the speed of the motor. The frequency conversion and speed regulation energy-saving control device is to turn the 50Hz power frequency AC of the electricity into an AC power supply with adjustable frequency and voltage to drive the motor and realize the fan to adjust the air volume

the energy-saving control device of variable frequency speed regulation is characterized by high efficiency, and then understand what tests need to be done. There is no additional slip loss caused by speed regulation, the speed regulation range is large, and the precision is high. It can realize stepless speed regulation, and it is easy to realize coordinated control and closed-loop control. Because the original squirrel motor can be used, it is particularly suitable for the technical transformation of old equipment. It not only maintains the advantages of the original motor, such as simple structure, reliability, durability and convenient maintenance, but also achieves remarkable effect of power saving. It is an ideal method for AC speed regulation and energy saving of fans

IV. effect prediction after speed regulation of frequency converter

① the most direct benefit of using frequency converter as the regulator of air volume is energy saving and consumption reduction. Users can conduct preliminary analysis and calculation according to their own transformation objects to understand the return on investment of energy conservation after transformation and some basic parameters of fan operation

② the main feature of variable frequency speed regulation is to eliminate or reduce the throttling loss of the baffle. The effect of energy saving is related to the performance of the fan, operating conditions and the opening of the baffle

according to the actual operation of your fan, we use sap500p series frequency converter to transform it. At present, its main features are:

sap500p series AC frequency converter adopts flux vector PWM control technology, so that the low-speed load capacity can reach 200% of the rated torque output: RS-485 computer network interface group control function; Multiple control and operation modes, complete protection functions; Unique voltage stall and current stall automatic adjustment protection function

under the condition of retaining the original control system, the sap500p series inverter we applied can realize "local control" and "remote control" by switching the "remote control/local control" switch on the control cabinet door. The control and adjustment of the frequency converter also outputs ma current signal to the control end of the frequency converter through the feedback signal of the air supply system and PLC comprehensive operation, so as to adjust the output frequency of the frequency converter, so as to change the speed of the motor and change the air volume, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the air volume. As shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1

V the transformation effect after using the frequency conversion technology

A) realizes the soft start and soft stop of the fan, reduces the current impact on the motor, transformer and other equipment, starts smoothly, and greatly reduces the maintenance workload and starting failure rate of the starting equipment

b) the operating parameters of the motor can be displayed directly, with complete protection functions and perfect fault diagnosis and recording functions, which is conducive to the rapid search and elimination of faults

c) after adopting frequency conversion closed-loop control, the adjustment of air pressure and air volume is simple. The baffle can be fully opened, which not only reduces the wind resistance, but also the pressure is relatively stable, thus improving the production efficiency

d) the power saving effect is very significant. According to the actual situation of your company, the fan capacity is 380kW, and the air valve opening is between 45%-75%. It works 24 hours a day. Excluding the maintenance time, it operates 500 currents per hour based on 360 days of work every year. For example, the electricity charge is 0.6 yuan/kw H, then 24 (T) electricity charges can be saved every year × five hundred × 50% × thirty × twelve × 0.6 = 1.296 million yuan

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