Energy saving wind blows in the hottest ventilator

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Recently, it was learned that the "limited values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for household and similar AC ventilators" (i.e. energy efficiency standards for ventilators) has been prepared, and the free landing of steel balls is expected to be implemented in 2012. Industry experts pointed out that as the energy efficiency standard of ventilator is about to be announced, the ventilator industry will set off a new round of energy conservation

Li Qingquan, general manager of Green Island wind company, said that under the general trend of national energy conservation, the energy-saving transformation of ventilation products has become an urgent task. The energy-saving transformation of ventilation products can be started from two aspects: first, design or choose to use high-efficiency motors here to transform the driving motors; The second is to design high-efficiency fans to improve pneumatic efficiency

as a well-known professional ventilator company in China, green island wind has launched a patented motor "Green Island wind NF" series, which relies on the latest patented technology - unidirectional capacitor operation 4 The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body, and the motor stator and its manufacturing method have the characteristics of high energy efficiency, low noise and long life, which can more effectively achieve the energy-saving goal. The patented motor has been applied to the new product Xuanfeng ducted ventilator, which has carried out top-level design for the healthy development of the industry. The product has been launched and received good response from the majority of consumers, setting off a new trend of energy saving in the ventilator industry. Green Island wind has also become an important representative to lead the ventilator industry into the road of energy saving

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