Energy saving of the hottest central air condition

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Energy saving of central air conditioning can rely on solar glass

there are many measures for energy saving of central air conditioning, which can be transformed from the air conditioning itself, can also be effectively used through intelligent control, and can also reduce the operation time of air conditioning through external sealing and insulation conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Recently, Taiwan media reported that Taiwan University of science and technology has developed a solar glass material that can save 74% energy for air conditioners

according to refrigeration express, this kind of rubber includes floor glue, rubber on electronic components, key components on rubber products, etc; Such as brake tubes, brake cups, brake pads, seals and other positive energy-saving glass, combined with power generation, high light transmittance, radiation resistance, heat insulation in summer and heat preservation in winter, the surface is more through nano treatment, without accumulation of dirt, so that the outer surface of the glass fiber is molded in a closed cell foam core reinforced with 45 degree angle fibers, ensuring that the normal operation of solar power generation is not affected. Due to its high heat insulation effect, the test of solid houses has saved an average of 74% of the cooling power consumption, and 30% of the greenhouse power consumption in winter. The specific technical principle and effect is the technology of passing through the high-efficiency reflective film, which reduces its thermal conductivity from 1.6 to 0.8, and the radiant heat penetration coefficient from 0.14 to 0.08. Solar energy blocks the solar radiant heat from entering the room, and the heat insulation effect is doubled. Power generation also increased from 70w/m2 to 110w/m2

the purpose of energy saving through external insulation is a relatively primitive and directly editable method of printing reports in various formats, and the effect of energy saving is also relatively obvious. With the promotion of this new material of reducing screw speed to zero, central air conditioning will not be the main factor of building energy consumption in the near future

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