Energy saving measures of centrifugal pump in the

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Energy saving measures for centrifugal pumps in the iron and steel industry

1 improve the efficiency of centrifugal pumps

first, including labels, instructions and other identification content and product qualification steps. When selecting models, compare the model selection schemes of various suppliers, and try to choose efficient schemes on the premise of considering cost performance

the second step is to send certain professionals to supervise the manufacturing quality of key parts that affect the efficiency of the water pump and should always be placed in an important position in the development of the enterprise, such as the impeller, pump body, pump cover, deflector (vertical long shaft pump) which have been adjusted before leaving the factory, especially the quality control of the impeller's wing shape, water outlet angle, blade graduation, runner shape, smoothness and so on, Make the delivered products efficient under the current production conditions

third, in the process of installation and commissioning at the production site, it is necessary to ensure that the foundation of the pump is firm, well aligned with the driving machine, the front and rear valves are opened and closed flexibly, the pipeline layout design is reasonable, the on-site control is safe and feasible, and all operation monitoring instruments are complete and accurate, so as to ensure that the operation process of the pump can be monitored in real time

the fourth step is to pay attention to the spot inspection of the equipment during the long-term operation of the pump, and immediately report any abnormal conditions. In the normal minor repair and overhaul cycle, all vulnerable parts should be inspected and replaced to ensure the long-term efficient and safe operation of the pump

2 optimize the existing pump

by adjusting the impeller diameter and pump speed, it will have an impact on the flow head and shaft power of the pump, but it will have no impact on the efficiency curve, so that the pump can work in an efficient and efficient area. The above regulated flow and head are limited in a certain range. If the working condition changes too much, the original pump may have to be modified

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