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Huawei: let enterprises transform from here to the "cloud"

is to mention the agenda ~

speaking of enterprise cloud, as we all know, cloud computing has advanced into the era of 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, and each progress presents a new software form. As you can see, the vast majority of enterprises are in the stage of 2.0, and a few are groping forward on the road of 3.0. The gray scale of transformation also increases a lot of difficulties. In the face of transformation, we still need to size up the situation and think carefully. Today, let's talk about the enterprises that have touched crabs in those years

take Silicon Valley for example. In fact, many start-ups try to introduce Internet technology into enterprises, but they are repeatedly frustrated. What is wrong? In fact, there is no trade-off between Internet thinking and traditional thinking. In the final analysis, it is equally important to give consideration to traditional transformation and Internet demands. If it does not adapt to the scenarios and needs of enterprises, it is not easy to survive

therefore, cloud transformation should adhere to two principles and three elements

the first principle: the management system is all inclusive and affects the whole body. The huge project requires a protracted war

the second principle: after years of self-reliance, it suddenly becomes a product, and it parachutes strangers to operate together. This adaptation also requires a process

the first element: the introduction of various innovative technologies

the second element: close to the customer's use scenarios and needs

the third element: clear business objectives

keep your eyes open, your ears erect, your brain fast, and your posture handsome! It's all essence dry goods:

with the most authoritative Huawei sd-dc? (business driven distributed cloud data center), it focuses on solving the business driven problems of IT infrastructure under the distributed architecture: realizing the integration and unified management of computing, storage, network resources; Through VDC to match the user's organization, realize the decentralization and domain of cloud resources. 13. Overall dimensions: about 1170*750*2260 and self operation, and smoothly switch to the management process under the Cloud Architecture; Provide a unified cloud service access platform, complete automation at the service minute level, and closely connect all industrial chains of manufacturers, suppliers and consumers in one data center deployment. Resources move with business perception; And pioneered cloud disaster recovery scheme to make disaster recovery service

in fact, cloud transformation is a big injection speed: the injection speed has a small impact on the shrinkage rate, which is a trend. What enterprises really need is gradual cloud transformation, the existing foundation remains unchanged, smoothly migrate business to the cloud platform, take technology, demand, and goal as the three main lines, and promote IT infrastructure according to business needs. In practical applications, the following characteristics should also be considered: to realize the diversification and sharing of resources, Accelerate the transformation of enterprise it cloud

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