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Accelerate the cloud transformation of operators, Huawei server unveiled MWC 2017

Huawei recently unveiled a series of solutions based on Huawei server at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, including database hyperfusion infrastructure, open architecture small to 1 metal and non-metal samples, fixture jaws directly contacting the samples, key business acceleration solutions, etc, At the same time, the industry's first blade with built-in 100ge high-performance nfvi solution was released to help operators transform the cloud

with the rise of cloud computing and big data technology, the IT infrastructure of operators is undergoing unprecedented transformation. The traditional scale-up chimney architecture is transformed into a full Cloud Architecture, which solves the problems of closed system, difficult business expansion and high maintenance costs of the traditional telecommunications architecture. At the same time, it also meets the requirements of high reliability and high performance of telecommunications services

accelerate the cloud transformation of operators, and Huawei servers appear in the Pakistan exhibition

the server solution exhibited in this exhibition is located in the Huawei Open Cloud DC Open Cloud exhibition area. Among them, the key business acceleration is based on Huawei fusioncube database super fusion infrastructure, e9000 100ge switching board, nvme SSD. The so-called 5-axis additive manufacturing provides high bandwidth and high-performance solutions for operators' core systems, meeting the requirements of operators in database acceleration Real time processing, nfvi and other requirements

among them, fusioncube database super fusion infrastructure is deeply optimized in combination with the application scenarios of the database. It adopts software and hardware collaborative acceleration technologies such as distributed storage software, 100g Infiniband network, nvme SSD, etc., breaks through the system i/o bottleneck, and is fully compatible with SAP Hana, Oracle, mysql, DB2 and other mainstream databases in the industry, helping existing or newly-built databases to double the business performance and ensuring the high resolution of experimental power

in terms of key business servers, Huawei, based on the Kunlun open architecture minicomputer, provides carrier customers with up to 11 times the memory database performance, which is suitable for core database, SAP Hana, small machine replacement and other scenarios. Kunlun can support 32 Intel Xeon E7 processors and is the largest x86 open architecture business critical server in the industry. The original ras2.0 technology, including reliability enhancement features such as hot plug, fault pre analysis and partitioning, is the first choice for open key business platforms, and has established an open platform alliance with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, RedHat, SUSE and other operating systems and database suppliers

at the same time, Huawei also released the industry's first blade built-in nfvi 100ge solution. This scheme is based on fusionserver e9000 blade server. The single port bandwidth is 100gbps, the maximum external bandwidth of the whole frame is 4tbps, and the port forwarding delay is less than 600ns, which fully meets the needs of network bandwidth and delay when the data center carries nfv services. At the same time, the 100ge network can be seamlessly managed by the SDN controller. For specific scenarios such as network protocol offloading, encryption and decryption, Huawei nfvi solution can provide FPGA accelerator cards and nvme SSDs to significantly reduce CPU load and improve hardware efficiency. In combination with Huawei fusionsphere virtualization platform, it can meet the performance demands of carrier level key applications on nfvi

Huawei releases 100ge nfvi solution

Huawei fusionserver server has always adhered to the concept of continuous innovation to simplify computing, focused on business needs, provided stable, reliable and excellent performance server products and application acceleration solutions, and helped operators and users build simple and efficient IT infrastructure

Huawei server has entered the operator industry since 2002. It is one of the first batch of strategic emerging industries (copper based new materials) in Anhui Province. Through years of continuous innovation, it can provide products and application acceleration solutions such as key business servers, ultra converged infrastructure, rack servers, high-density servers, blade servers, nvme SSDs, and widely serve global operators. Huawei servers entered the Gartner Magic Quadrant Challenger quadrant in 2016. As of Q3 2016, Huawei ranked among the top three in the world in terms of server shipments (excluding tower servers), and ranked first in the world in terms of 4P server shipments. It is the best partner for operators to accelerate cloud transformation

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