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Streamlined it agile business path Huawei held a Cloud Computing Conference

Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, grandly held the 2012 Huawei Cloud Computing Conference (Huawei, if not zero icloudcongress, hcc2012) at the Shanghai International Convention Center today. This is the third consecutive year that Huawei has hosted this IT industry event, attracting nearly 3000 Huawei partners, customers and insiders. Hcc2012, with the theme of streamlining it and agile business, aims to seize the development opportunities in the cloud era, feel the development direction of the IT industry, work with partners to lead innovation, and comprehensively demonstrate the progress made by Huawei and more than 400 partners in many fields, such as it product layout, solution capabilities, industrial chain depth, business innovation and so on

streamline it, agile business, the main theme of the information age

Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei's IT product line, believes that streamline it, agile business is based on Huawei's unique understanding of the IT field. The integration of it and CT is further deepening, and the demand of enterprises for ICT systems is changing with each passing day. Simplifying it and agile business has become the main theme of all enterprises in the information age. Huawei hopes that with its deep software and hardware and system R & D capabilities, rich product lines and broad globalization platforms, it can help enterprises adapt to changes in IT technology, streamline enterprise IT systems, support changes in their own businesses, and help enterprises win the future with a more agile response under the new situation

accumulate and grow together with customers

10 years ago, as a support for CT, Huawei began its R & D and investment in the IT field. In October last year, Huawei announced the formal establishment of its IT product line, making it an important part of Huawei's development strategy. In March this year, Huawei completed the acquisition of Huawei Symantec, further consolidating Huawei's strength in the field of it storage and security. At present, Huawei has invested 10000 people in the IT field, and its capacity delivery centers are located in Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places

relying on software, hardware and system development capabilities, rich products and solutions, and a global platform, Huawei has grown together with customers in the IT field. Huawei has carried out cloud computing cooperation with customers in 33 countries around the world and built the world's largest desktop cloud with 70000 people. Of the 260 data centers delivered by Huawei, 35 are cloud based. Huawei storage covers unified storage, solid-state storage systems, bigdatanas, data protection, cloud storage and other fields, serving more than 2000 customers in various industries around the world. Huawei servers have become the mainstream server suppliers in operators, interconnection, power, government and other industries

leading innovation, deep integration of all-in-one machines and high-end storage shock release

Huawei grandly released Enterprise Cloud Computing fusioncube all-in-one machines and three innovative high-end storage products to help customers create efficient and concise IT systems and achieve agile and excellent business value

fusioncube deep integration all-in-one machine helps customers simplify it: fusioncube has an industry-leading integration architecture, which fully integrates hardware devices such as computing, storage and networking, as well as cloud computing software such as virtualization platform, cloud management and distributed storage engine. It provides functions such as integrated management, automatic deployment and efficient operation and maintenance, and optimizes the application through the combination of software and hardware technology. It is simple, agile and efficient, Effectively help enterprise users integrate and optimize their IT systems, and simply and conveniently build cloud computing platforms, so that they can focus on their main business and continuously improve it value

oceanstorhvs series, the world's highest specification of enterprise storage: it adopts an intelligent matrix system architecture and is equipped with a fully virtualized storage operating system xve, which can be used as the main storage system for core businesses. HVS is the best storage platform for the new generation of data centers. Its reliable, efficient and elastic product features can help industries innovate on core businesses and help customers with large, data intensive IT environments benefit from it

uds mass storage system makes it easy for manufacturers to prosper the market and provide customers with a more economical and practical experimental machine to deal with EB level big data challenges: it has three characteristics of EB level expansion, safety and reliability, and efficient integration, which can meet the growing data storage, sharing, and management needs of enterprises, and help customers achieve business success. Realize EB level expansion capability through horizontal expansion technology; Ensure data privacy and high availability through a variety of safe and reliable storage technologies; Improve operation and maintenance efficiency through automatic deployment, rich life cycle management strategies and energy-efficient features

Huawei MVx big data storage solution is the only one in the industry that can simultaneously check the screws in the jaw to meet the requirements of big data storage, backup and analysis: with the innovative concept of x-bit integration, it integrates massive data analysis, storage and sharing, and provides users with structured and unstructured data sharing resources with industry-leading performance, large-scale horizontal expansion capability and super large single file system Storage and archiving solutions based on data lifecycle management

open cooperation and create a win-win ecological chain

hcc2012, Huawei and more than 20 partners such as Intel, sap, Citrix, UFIDA, Accenture, shengteng, Seagate, VMware, CA, a Jiangnan industrial concentration area vigorously developed the aluminum based new material industry, sigra, yamashike, etc. to jointly display it products and solutions. At present, Huawei has joined hands with more than 400 partners to build rich and vertical customized solutions, create more value for customers, and create an open and win-win ecological chain. This year, we will form deeper cooperation with our core partners, such as joint innovation laboratories, new product research and development and joint expansion

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