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Huawei proposes the transformation direction of operators: big video is a great opportunity

for operators, the traditional voice and SMS services continue to decline, especially during Alipay and the Spring Festival, which triggered the red envelope war. However, while the voice and SMS services decline, users' flow consumption has increased significantly

according to the latest data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology on the 16th, in the past Spring Festival holiday, the number of mobile text messages sent across the country was only two-thirds of that in 2015; On New Year's Eve, it fell by 40%; During the Spring Festival holiday, the mobile Internet traffic was 2.6 times that of 2015, the mobile data traffic on New Year's Eve increased by 1.6 times year-on-year, and the mobile data traffic on the first day of the new year increased by 2.8 times year-on-year

however, for operators who are suffering more and more, their expectations for the 4G era are far from limited to these. Communication equipment manufacturers, including Huawei, have also set their sights on video, IOT and other industries, and put forward transformation suggestions for operators. On the eve of mwc2016, the most important exhibition in the communications industry, Huawei first proposed five development directions for the digital transformation of operators, including big video

Huawei believes that the $100 billion video industry, the $trillion enterprise it cloud transformation market, and the IOT industry, which is about to see a 10 fold increase in users, are emerging. Embracing digital transformation and seizing the five development directions of big video, big it, big operation, big architecture, and big pipeline will be unprecedented opportunities for operators

2016 will be the first year of 4.5g commercial use

the $100 billion large video industry means that operators need to provide greater bandwidth. While domestic operators are building 4G networks, Huawei also proposed the concept of 4.5g before the arrival of 5g

caimengbo, general manager of Huawei's LTE FDD field, believes that 2016 will be the first year of 4.5g commercial use. Globally, Huawei will focus on releasing a 4.5g powered 3-yuan material 523 with a price of 155000 to 160000 yuan/ton. The platform will be commercially available on a large scale in 2016. Huawei will work with leading operators to deploy more than 60 4.5g commercial roads around the world. This will be the first time that the mobile broadband capacity for people will exceed the Gigabit rate, provide ubiquitous HD voice and 2k/4k HD video experience, and virtual reality will also become possible on the 4.5g network

for big video, Huawei said that with the change of people's communication needs and experience methods, video, especially high-definition video represented by 4K, has become a trend and will become the basic business of operators in the future. It is expected that the per capita traffic consumption will increase by more than 500 times by 2025

Ding Yun, executive director and President of products and solutions of Huawei, pointed out that if operators do not actively embrace this change, it will become a huge burden; On the contrary, operators may build it into a new $100 billion business. Taking Sichuan Telecom as an example, two years after implementing the strategy of driving revenue growth based on 4K video, Sichuan Telecom's HD video users exceeded 6.9 million, and its ARPU value increased by 14.3%

it is understood that Huawei has established an open platform in the field of 2k/4k video to realize content aggregation and enable business innovation

the network value of operators is still very much, which makes 5 elder brother recognized by all parties. In the future era of IOT, ubiquitous connection is more inseparable from the network of operators. Huawei believes that allowing more things to be connected to the network of operators will increase the number of users of operators by 10 times

in addition, Huawei also believes that operators also have natural advantages in areas such as cloud services, such as brands, enterprise customer resources, nationwide networks and data center rooms and local services, which will give operators the opportunity to share the trillion level enterprise it cloud transformation market. Facing the digital transformation of various vertical industries, Huawei believes that operators have the opportunity to participate and share dividends by opening their own capabilities

in this field, Huawei said it would give priority to developing cloud services with telecom operators. Its strategy is not to apply upward, not to touch data downward, and to adhere to the big but not strong problems faced by the current new material industry. 1 as in the past, Huawei will explore innovative materials, use coke layer I, open cooperation with industrial partners, and create a cloud ecosystem

in the face of IOT and other fields, Huawei has repeatedly said that it will adhere to the strategy of focusing on pipelines and opening platform capabilities. In this mwc2016, Huawei's exhibition area increased by 1000 square meters, and invited industrial chain partners to show on the same stage for the first time

Ding Yun pointed out that we also hope to help operators open the market of 100 billion dollars of IOT and the market of trillions of dollars of digital transformation. Only by being more open can we get more space

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