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Huawei ranks as the leader in the magic quadrant of Gartner general storage arrays in 2016. After years of development, partner general storage captures plastic garbage arrays that gather together with the movement of water. The magic four quadrant report comprehensively analyzes the mid-range, high-end, NAS storage and hybrid array products of storage suppliers, and defines suppliers into four quadrants: leaders, challengers, visionaries and specific field players

leading manufacturers have the ability to have market share, credibility, marketing and sales advantages through special manufacturing processes, and promote the market to accept new technologies. These vendors demonstrate a clear understanding of market needs. They are innovators and thought leaders with clear plans. Customers and potential customers will give priority to their storage infrastructure and strategies. Huawei storage has been included in the report by Gartner for six consecutive times since 2010, and its position has been continuously improved. This year, Huawei storage is defined as a leader, which is another milestone for Huawei storage

In terms of internal mining

2016 September, Huawei storage announced a new vision and product strategy of data on-demand service. By building a storage integration resource pool for cloud data centers, integrating the storage infrastructure, allowing data to be shared among different businesses, providing customers with automated, on-demand data services, and helping customers achieve agile cloud transformation

with continuous technological innovation as the core driving force, Huawei has formed a wide range of product layouts such as enterprise storage and cloud storage, and took the lead in completing the future oriented product evolution strategy. It shields the underlying hardware differences through oceanstor OS, realizes the interconnection of multi protocol and multi type devices, provides business driven data services with the help of oceanstor DJ, and intelligently matches the optimal storage resources, Help customers cope with the uncertainty of cloud business with a determined product architecture. In addition, Huawei storage is active in openstack and other open organizations, leading the establishment of data protection projects, and working with partners to build a cloud computing infrastructure platform for the data center to jointly build an open ecosystem

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