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Huawei won the bid for the construction project of Shanghai Shentong Metro integrated communication system

maximize the recycling of waste plastics. Recently, Huawei, the world's leading information and communication solution supplier, announced that it won the bid for the construction project of Shanghai Shentong Metro integrated communication system, and will complete the installation and deployment of the system platform and the system construction of line 17 in 2017

with the expansion of the total mileage of Shanghai rail transit, the existing traditional on duty fixed call and short message notification methods are difficult to meet the needs of real-time on-site emergency while maintaining flexibility. When an emergency occurs, how each emergency response unit obtains on-site data, images, sounds and other information in real time is the key to successfully respond to the emergency

the construction of Shanghai rail transit communication service system aims to meet the development needs of Shanghai and the overall planning network of Shanghai rail transit, and provide basic communication service guarantee for rail transit networking operation, production scheduling and daily office. According to the construction concept of unified planning, centralized deployment and gradual implementation, it is urgent to establish a unified voice, video and information transmission platform, open up the current isolated instant messaging system, and establish a fusion communication platform with convenient and stable voice communication, interconnected information transmission, safe and efficient decision transmission, and friendly and fast terminal information acquisition

Huawei integrated communication solution, after long-term business research and testing by customers, finally successfully obtained the qualification of Shanghai metro equipment supplier. Shentong Metro integrated communication platform plans to fully extend to other metro lines of Shanghai Metro to realize the comprehensive evolution of Shanghai Metro analog communication system to integrated communication system. The integrated communication platform of Shentong Metro adopts the design of remote disaster recovery mode. Although near-infrared still plays an important role in identifying different polymers, the two centers are built independently to fully ensure the high reliability requirements of rail transit system communication; At the same time, integrate a variety of communication means, including voice, video, instant messaging, address book and data collaboration, combined with the official address book that integrates information such as landline, email, SMS, mobile terminals, etc., to form an integrated information communication service support, so that employees can timely obtain the required sound, data and images at any time, anywhere, through any terminal equipment, any network, So as to enrich the communication methods of employees, improve communication efficiency and improve emergency response ability

for the official system of the existing rail transit lines of Shentong Metro, the integrated communication system first adopts the way of relay connection to realize voice interoperability, and the subsequent planned rail transit lines will no longer adopt the way of setting up exchange equipment separately for each line, but only deploy analog access switches and telephone terminals to access the integrated communication platform to realize voice communication function. Finally, the official system of all rail transit lines in Shanghai will be integrated to achieve the construction goals of unified standards, resource sharing and consistent experience of all lines, so as to simplify operation and maintenance, reduce the total cost of parts and reduce the operation cost by 40%

according to the latest report of IDC, a global authoritative analyst organization, Huawei ranked first in the market share of integrated communication products in China in 2016

Huawei has been committed to providing customers with innovative, open and rich integrated communication products and perfect overall solutions. As the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, Huawei will continue to carry out technological and business innovation in the field of integrated communication, adhere to the principle of creating maximum value for customers, improve product and solution capabilities, and provide all-round high-quality services for the better and faster development of rail transit communication construction

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