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Make life better Huawei server builds Sinopec cloud resource pool

more than a decade ago, we lived in an environment where we queued up all night to buy train tickets and inexplicably encountered power outages. Now, we can book train tickets without leaving home, and realize bank transfer and pay water and electricity charges at home or on the road. The wonderful changes are particularly evident in the fields of energy, electricity, finance and so on. While people are more dependent on information technology, they also have more stringent requirements for the stability of IT equipment, especially servers

the headquarters building of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation

is as stable as rock. Another cervical spine device, freedom cervical artificial intervertebral disc (Figure 7), is to help Sinopec build a cloud computing resource pool

with the continuous popularity of private cars, people's demand for automotive fuel is increasing day by day. How to make each gas station ensure sufficient fuel supply without increasing inventory costs, and quickly coordinate and respond to the fuel inventory and daily operations of each business point is a severe challenge for every petroleum and petrochemical enterprise. In addition, there is a complex production chain from oil exploitation to supply to final consumers. A stable and efficient computing platform is undoubtedly the rock foundation to ensure the sustainable and stable supply of energy

Sinopec is one of the largest integrated energy and chemical companies in China. With the continuous development of business, the overall scale of Sinopec's information system has become huge, and the defects of low utilization rate of IT system resources, heavy maintenance burden, poor system operation efficiency and so on are increasingly apparent. In order to complete Sinopec's 12th Five Year Plan and comprehensively build the six unified it construction mode of unified planning, unified standards, unified design, unified investment, unified construction and unified management, Sinopec decided to replace and upgrade the existing IT infrastructure, build Sinopec's cloud computing infrastructure server resource pool, and expand the existing information system equipment of all secondary units

the server is the core of the whole network system, and the correct selection of the server is also the key to the whole information construction. Sinopec hopes that the infrastructure resource pool has stable, reliable, easy to manage, easy to maintain, high-performance, easy to expand and other performance, and hopes that suppliers can provide 7*24*4h localization services, so as to quickly respond to needs and solve current problems

in view of the above requirements and business application characteristics, Huawei also strives to create simple, efficient and easy to maintain server solutions on the premise of high reliability and high availability. Specifically, rh5885 V2 helps customers create an efficient and reliable IT application environment through its rock solid high reliability, unique PCIe full hot plug, and rapid replacement of key components. Rh5885 V2 has the characteristics of stability, reliability, leading performance, simple maintenance, high efficiency and ease of use, which greatly shortens the maintenance time of Sinopec cloud resource pool and minimizes the risk of device failure. Convenient hot plug can realize self-service, reduces the time, labor and other costs of Sinopec IT resources, and greatly improves the efficient operation of Sinopec IT platform to support the business site, rapid response, and coordination of inventory and business resources

in addition, rh5885 V2 can also realize the smooth upgrade from 4-way server to 8-way server, ensuring that the business upgrade is worry free. Rh5885 V2 has the characteristics of high performance, large capacity memory and flexible expansion i/o interface, which can meet the expansion requirements of Sinopec. Build advanced IT infrastructure for Sinopec, cloud computing resources, effectively solve the problems of low equipment utilization and high energy consumption, reduce operating costs, and ensure business expansion on demand

another excellent server rh1288 V2 of Huawei has the characteristics of high-performance computing, large capacity storage, low energy consumption, strong expansion ability, high reliability, easy management, easy deployment and support for virtualization. It can achieve a perfect balance between performance and density. It is an ideal platform for enterprise intensive applications and cloud computing. Through the deployment, Huawei rh1288 V2 meets Sinopec's business needs for stability, reliability, easy management and easy maintenance, and also helps customers significantly reduce costs

innovatively and efficiently build the world's top server solutions

with the business development of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, their demand for IT infrastructure is also increasing. The stability, availability and scalability should be processed and sent to the digital display or computer, which has become the focus of more and more customers. Huawei has the ability to independently design high-performance, highly reliable and energy-efficient hardware systems and architecture platforms. It has a professional laboratory and research and development team in the whole machine, interconnection, chip, energy efficiency, international certification and other aspects, and can provide server solutions with high stability, high performance and high availability comparable to small computers

on February 24, 2014, Huawei launched a new generation of key business server rh810 globally synchronously. Therefore, it is a kind of experimental machine 0 V3, rh5885h V3 and ch242 V3 blade server computing node with better functions. It has industry-leading Ras characteristics and performance, and has achieved comprehensive improvement in reliability, availability, scalability and maintainability. In particular, the new generation of rh5885h V3 has not only refreshed the world record of spec performance, but also is the first in Asia Pacific The first three models in the world won SAP Han? The verified server product supports the disassembly of all key components in 24 seconds, which is even more impressive

thanks to the stability and reliability comparable to minicomputers, the world's leading speed performance and simple and efficient management and maintenance, Huawei servers are not only recognized by petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, but also have excellent performance in power, finance and other fields

it is also understood that the latest report released by Gartner on February 26 shows that Huawei's server shipments in 2013 ranked fourth in the global market and firmly ranked second in the Chinese market. At the same time, in the global server market in 2013, Huawei was also the manufacturer with the fastest growth rate of shipments. This not only represents the technological research and innovation advantages behind the rapid growth of Huawei servers, but also shows that choosing Huawei servers means choosing the future of rapid growth

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Huawei server adheres to the concept of professional and trusted leading the future, focuses on high-quality, high-quality and innovative server products and solutions, focuses on creating a green, efficient and stable it computing environment for customers, and helps customers win the future

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