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Unlimited development, unlimited business opportunities Huawei holds the first developer forum

ctiforum news on September 18 (Li Wenjie): Huawei held the first developer forum in Shanghai on September 17. More than 400 partners, experts, scholars and professionals from all over the world actively share the concept of software development and the successful experience of the industry in the integration of ICT technology. For its partners to practice the concept of openness, cooperation and win-win, Huawei for the first time fully demonstrated the solution level open platform esdk and a comprehensive technical support system, hoping to integrate open ICT capabilities into applications in various industries and help partners create differentiated and competitive products and solutions

the whole conference is divided into two parts: theme forum and developer community. Mei Hong, a leading figure in Chinese software and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, elaborated on the current situation and future of cloud computing with the theme of cloud computing: new requirements and new challenges. He proposed that in the future, there will be close integration and mutual interaction and collaboration between cloud and end. It is necessary to face the needs of specific fields, provide support, use API solutions for development and operation, and an integrated environment, including various resources, And then support more cloud aware personal applications

picture 1: academician Mei Hong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences made a keynote speech on Cloud Computing: new needs and new challenges

in the keynote speech of opening up and innovating the cloud to nourish the value-added ecosystem, Zhang shunmao, President of Huawei PS marketing and solutions department, said that Huawei practices the concept of open cooperation and win-win results, provides esdk open capability platform for partners at the solution level, and works with partners to jointly innovate, Jointly build industry solutions with differentiated competitiveness and realize a value-added ecosystem of 1+1 2. We hold the developer forum for three reasons: first, Huawei is a hardware company that does ICT infrastructure. Future applications need to be virtualized under the general trend of cloud computing, so Huawei should develop hardware resources or capabilities for developers to use; Secondly, Huawei is not only a hardware company, but also has many software platforms, such as fusionsphere cloud operating system and fusionin easy-to-use side big data analysis platform. These software platforms also need to be opened up; Finally, in the control of future business, end-to-end control is required from end-to-end management to cloud. Therefore, Huawei, as an ICT infrastructure provider, needs to open up its internal capabilities so that we can better control future applications

picture 2: zhangshunmao, President of Huawei PS marketing and solutions department, gave a keynote speech. 4. Product cable voltage detection speech

the world's leading ISV partners described their insights and practices with the theme of boundless development and unlimited business opportunities. Huawei's strategic partner softcom power focuses on the successful application of the virtualization all-in-one machine joint solution in the smart city field in a concise way of value-added cooperation with Huawei. South China consulting unveiled the joint solution of public security big data and police cloud with big data nuggets. Under the challenge of new media brought by SOBE code, how can the media industry use the power of deep integration to form differentiated competitiveness? Deays introduces ICT integration, How can the agile integrated emergency command scheme ensure urban safety. These application cases comprehensively show that through the integration of Huawei's open ICT capabilities, such as voice, video, message capabilities, as well as the control capabilities of network, storage and computing, in the application of public security, media consulting industry and social emergency response fields over the years, the existing solutions are more intelligent, fast, rich and colorful, so as to enhance competitiveness

in the case exhibition area of the developer community, around the three themes of cloud computing and big data, agile networking, and collaborative office, we will jointly display the solution cases of government cloud, Omni channel banking, and Ping An City with partners at both ends of the cooperation and support axis, so as to bring the most real experience to the audience. In the hands-on experience area of the remote laboratory in the developer community, the on-site audience exchanged 1:1 with Huawei experts and experienced how to access Huawei's remote laboratory through the Internet for development and commissioning

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