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Lithium industry giants predict that the strong lithium price will last longer

one of the world's largest lithium miners has encountered unexpected difficulties in expanding production, but it also brings a glimmer of hope - the price is higher than expected. With the increasing demand of quimica y, a Chilean company, minera de Chile SA predicts that lithium prices will remain at roughly the same level as earlier this year in the fourth quarter due to the strong demand and supply imbalance

in September, Patricio de Solminihac, CEO of sqm, predicted that the lithium price in the second half of this year would be lower than that when the test pieces were installed in the first half of this year. Solimini hatch told analysts at the meeting on Thursday, "the price we see is the result of very strong demand, stronger than we initially expected, and some production commitments have been delayed. We are working with customers to renew the contract next year, so we don't know the price trend next year."

the world's second largest lithium producer announced that its third quarter revenue and net profit were in line with analysts' expectations, because of the unexpected difficulties of increasing expansion projects and then unloading thallium B and C, which affected sales. Lithium is a mineral that is necessary to provide power for electric vehicle batteries. The delay is likely to also affect sales in the fourth quarter. The company currently expects to sell about 45000 tons of lithium in 2018, compared with an estimate of 55000 tons earlier this year

according to the monthly report of minerals intelligence, the price of lithium carbonate in South America fell to $14375/ton from a record high of $15750/ton in May and June last October. De Solminihac said at the meeting that the demand growth this year is expected to be about 25%, and due to the limited new supply, the price may remain at a similar level for a longer time. Chilean producers will still reach the target capacity. He said that in the short term, they can produce 70000 tons a year, but did not give a specific timetable

he said that in Atacama region in northern Chile, it is difficult to speed up the project progress to expand production capacity when the processing plant continues to operate at full capacity, because it is very complex and the trading enterprise market is not concentrated. Another project to expand the production capacity of lithium hydroxide in Chile is progressing smoothly

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