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A little cold made a girl in Yancheng stop beating her heart four times, and multiple organ failure

I can't imagine that a little cold made a young girl suffer from severe viral myocarditis, and then 4 organ failure, which almost killed Dandan (a pseudonym), a 15-year-old girl in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. Fortunately, the in vitro life support and transportation treatment team of the Department of critical care medicine of the Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University arrived in time and used the ECMO Technology (the so-called artificial heart lung machine, which doctors personified as "doctor Ye") to rest her heart for 7 days before the girl finally regained her life. On February 17, Dandan was transferred from ICU to the general ward of thoracic and cardiac surgery and is receiving further consolidation rehabilitation treatment

1 the whole family caught a cold, and she also caught a cold

Dan Dan is 15 years old this year. She is a senior one in a county in Yancheng. She and her family never thought that the whole family is well. Her "lightest" cold made her almost face extinction

according to Ms. Zhao, Dandan's mother, her daughter has always been in good health, and she rarely catches a cold. On January 15, Dandan's father caught a cold, and then Dandan's sister and mother caught a cold one after another. Only Dandan was OK. The whole family is also glad that Dandan has a good constitution. Probably in late January, Dandan also had cold symptoms, but it was not too serious, just a little runny nose, without any other symptoms. Dandan didn't care, just drank more water at home and didn't take other measures. But after a few days, Dandan began to cough, and it was still not good after taking Chinese patent medicine. At that time, Dandan's mother suggested that the child go to the hospital to hang water as soon as possible, but Dandan was unwilling. The family thought that anyway, during the holiday, the universal material testing machine and pressure testing machine are the main equipment for the inspection of construction engineering materials. At home, lying down more will gradually get better

2 the doctor said: the child had no heartbeat

in the morning of January 30, both parents went out to work. Dandan lay down to rest. Dandan's mother was not at ease that the pneumatic pipe joint tensile testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory met the requirements of the standard gb/t14514.1 ⑵ 013, so she let relatives take care of the child. No matter how relatives knocked on the door, no one came to open the door. At this time, Dandan was already weak, and her will to survive supported her to climb to the door step by step. She finally opened the door with all her strength, and then fell down suddenly, frightening the relatives who came to visit

"I had chest pain at that time. At that time, my first thought was that I had to hold up and open the door, otherwise there was no way to save me!" Dan Dan told me. Soon, Dandan's parents rushed home and immediately sent him to the county hospital for medical treatment. The doctor told them that the child had no heartbeat, and then carried out first aid. There was breathing, but it was suggested that they should be transferred immediately. Subsequently, Dandan was transferred to Yancheng first people's Hospital, and was diagnosed with severe viral myocarditis, complicated with ventricular fibrillation, shock, liver and kidney and respiratory failure... All available treatments were used, but the hope of survival was very slim

3 four times of cardiac arrest, multiple organ failure

at more than 8 p.m. on January 30, Professor Yang Yi, deputy director of the Department of critical medicine of CUHK hospital, received help from Yancheng, and made a detailed assessment of the girl's condition of Dandan. He learned that the child was only 15 years old, and immediately expressed his full support for the rescue. Therefore, director Yang Yi immediately sent deputy chief physician Guo Fengmei and chief physician Guo Lanqi to Yancheng overnight for full treatment

at more than 9 o'clock that night, Guo Fengmei arrived at Yancheng local hospital at more than 12 o'clock. After arriving at the hospital, she found that the patient had serious arrhythmia and cardiogenic shock, the heart had stopped four times, and the four main organs of respiration, kidney, liver and heart had failed

after evaluating the patient's condition, Dr. Guo Fengmei, deputy chief physician, immediately implemented artificial cardiopulmonary replacement therapy. After 3 hours of rescue efforts, the patient's shock and circulation conditions were significantly improved. On the morning of January 31, when vital signs were maintained, the team of the critical medicine department of CUHK hospital carried monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, ECMO, etc. to form a "mobile ICU". After three and a half hours in the wind and snow, the patient was brought back to the critical medicine department of CUHK hospital for subsequent treatment

4 miracles resurrected after 7 days

"it's a miracle that this child was alive after 4 cardiac arrests in the local hospital." Professor Yang Yi said that although the child went to ECMO, every medical staff carried his heart

according to Dr. Guo Fengmei, after detailed examination, it was finally confirmed that Dandan was viral myocarditis, which led to cardiogenic shock, and ultimately led to respiratory, heart, liver, kidney and brain multiple organ failure. It is reported that in the first three days of Dandan's hospitalization, the heart was almost in a "non working" state, all replaced by ECMO. "Yeke membrane" is similar to an artificial heart. "Yeke membrane" device leads most of the blood in the patient out of the body, oxygenates through the artificial membrane and then transfuses it back into the body, so as to replace the patient's own cardiopulmonary function for life support. It was not until the fourth day that the heart gradually began to beat slightly. Such good news made the rescue team a little relieved. Continue ECMO treatment, and evacuate endotracheal intubation five days after admission. ECMO treatment was withdrawn on the seventh day of admission on the eve of new year's Eve, which also means that vital signs are gradually stable and normal communication with doctors can also be achieved. This made the medical staff and their families hang on for a long time before they fell to the ground

a little cold almost caused a murder, which is really a little incredible. Experts said that influenza occurs frequently in winter and spring. If you don't pay attention to timely treatment, you will aggravate your condition, and even induce viral myocarditis and severe pneumonia. Professor Yang Yi said that although most colds do not cause viral infection, some viruses will turn into diseases such as pneumonia and myocarditis. During the cold period, patients should take more rest. If patients have joint pain, chest tightness, asthma or hemoptysis, they should pay attention and go to the hospital in time. Once severe pneumonia, severe myocarditis and other symptoms occur, they must ask experts from the third class a hospital for consultation and treatment as soon as possible

extended Q & a

1 how many days can "artificial heart" be replaced at most

Professor Yang Yi of the Department of critical medicine of CUHK hospital said that Dandan was not the first person successfully rescued by the department using the "Yeke membrane" technology, nor was it the person with the longest heart "strike". Since the implementation of this technology in 2008, many people who have suffered the same situation as Dandan have been saved. Among them, some patients have almost stopped beating for 30 or 40 days, and there have even been cases of resurrection after 100 days of stopping beating abroad

2. What is her own heart doing when the "artificial heart" is working

Professor Yang Yi said that first of all, her heart is resting, which is the best maintenance for the heart. In addition, supplement myocardial nutrition to the heart, make it quickly recover its power, and remove the "artificial heart" as soon as possible

3 why does "severe myocarditis" attack young people

in everyone's impression, it is the elderly who may become severe pneumonia or severe myocarditis after viral cold. However, recent clinical cases have found that severe myocarditis frequently attacks young people. Yang Yi said that there are not many laws now, and there are great individual differences. Some people are vulnerable to the virus, and the most vulnerable to the virus are the heart and lungs. Of course, the vast majority of viral colds can heal themselves, but if you have difficulty breathing, panic, blood in sputum and other symptoms that prevent recycled plastics from entering the drug packaging industry, you must go to the hospital for treatment, and don't wait until you are seriously ill

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