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Tips: when the rainy season comes, users of breaking hammer should pay attention to these things

tips: users of breaking hammer should pay attention to these things when the rainy season comes

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precautions for using a crushing hammer in rainy season

when the rainy season comes, remind the users of the crushing hammer

1 Avoid crushing as much as possible, which can play a very good role in heat insulation and oxygen isolation. The hammer is placed horizontally in the open air. Because the lower cylinder block is not sealed, the standardization can only meet the requirements of new urbanization construction, and rainwater will enter. The piston is pushed to the front end of the lower cylinder block by nitrogen. It's OK to reuse it immediately. When it is used the next day, the piston will rust after water inflow, causing damage to the oil seal piston

2. When the crushing hammer is not used for the time being, a wooden pad should be placed at the rear of the crushing to prevent rainwater from pouring backward into the cylinder body along the drill rod and blistering the piston

3. When the crushing hammer is not used for a long time, the nitrogen should be discharged, and the piston should be pushed into the middle cylinder body, and the front of the hammer should be padded with wood blocks to prevent the piston from sliding out. It's best to put it in a dry place where the rain can't get in, so as to avoid water and rust

question: can the drill rod push the piston back to the cylinder block

no, the journey can't be reached at all. It's a waste of effort! Remove the drill rod and put it in place with a wooden stick! Remember, this step is very important

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