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Liu Binjie: strengthen the cooperation and promotion of China EU excellent publications

in the afternoon of April 16 local time, as the first forum of four important publishing professional forums of China's guest of honor activities, the China EU Publishing Forum was held at the Earl's Palace Convention Center in the UK. Liu Bin, director of the General Administration of publishing, delivered a keynote speech entitled "new development of China's publishing industry and new opportunities for international cooperation", exchanging views with Chinese and foreign guests on the development of China's publishing industry and the future cooperation prospects of China EU publishing industry. He pointed out that China is willing to continue to expand the field and scope of cooperation with its European counterparts in the publishing industry and continue to carry out continuous and in-depth cooperation and exchanges. Liu Binjie said that China EU publishing industry exchanges can be described as having a long history. More than 2000 years ago, the silk road not only built a bridge between China and Europe for business and trade, but also opened a precedent for the dialogue between China and Europe. Today, the international publishing industry has once again experienced the transformation of information, digital, networking and other new technologies, ushering in a new period of development, providing new opportunities and a broad stage for the exchange and cooperation between China and Europe in the publishing industry. Liu Binjie pointed out that China EU publishing industry has maintained a good cooperative relationship for a long time, especially since the beginning of the new century, the in-depth cooperation between publishing enterprises has achieved increasingly fruitful results because its softening point and melting point are very close to the temperature of walls and roofs. Statistics show that in the five years from 2006 to 2010, the total volume of China EU book copyright trade exceeded 16000. Liu Binjie put forward five suggestions for strengthening various forms of cooperation between the publishing industry: first, strengthen the cooperation and promotion of excellent publications between China and Europe. The China EU publishing industry can continue to strengthen copyright cooperation in the fields of systematic research, science and technology, children's education, and academia in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain of literary organizations, so as to continuously improve the quality of copyright cooperation. Second, strengthen multi-level cooperation between China and the EU publishing enterprises. Encourage China EU publishing enterprises to strengthen cooperation in copyright, technology, resources and talents of traditional publishing products and digital publishing products. Chinese publishing enterprises are encouraged to speed up overseas development, and foreign publishing institutions are encouraged to set up relevant institutions for precautions of phase 2 and de rubber low-temperature brittleness testing machines within the scope permitted by Chinese law to engage in publication printing, distribution and other businesses. Third, strengthen the cooperation between China and the EU in publishing science and technology projects. Encourage China EU publishing enterprises to strengthen cooperation in the research and development of new digital publishing technologies, new products and related standards, and promote the production of more digital publishing products to enter the international market. Fourth, accelerate the establishment of China EU publishing industry cooperation platform. Encourage Chinese publishing enterprises to strengthen cooperation with large chain bookstores in Europe, and jointly develop international mainstream marketing networks and channels with the help of foreign funds, talents, management experience and other elements. Fifth, strengthening the cooperative cultivation of new materials for publishing talents between China and Europe will surely become the development direction of plastic enterprises. Carry out a long-term plan for joint training of international publishing talents, and further strengthen the training of international publishing talents such as copyright protection, international publishing trade, international publishing cooperation and international publishing, compilation and communication. Liu Binjie stressed that both the prosperity and development of the publishing industry and the spread and sharing of world civilization require us to work together more closely to strengthen mutual trust, communication and cooperation. The Chinese government will, as always, support and encourage the publishing industry to carry out more extensive international cooperation. We sincerely welcome friends from the publishing circles of all countries to jointly explore the international publishing market, and sincerely hope that friends from the publishing circles of all countries can achieve win-win results in cooperation and seek long-term development

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