The hottest little poker makes a big industry

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According to the recent survey and statistics of the national poker industry association, the annual sales of poker in the national market has reached about 1billion pairs, while Wuyi produced Poker has accounted for 50% of the national market share, with an annual sales of 500million pairs. Among them, the annual sales of "shoemaker hammer fish" Poker alone reached 400million pairs

Wuyi poker production started in 1992, with only one township printing factory producing poker with an annual output of only 10million sets. Now, there are more than 20 poker production enterprises in the county, including "fishing", "eagle king" and "Mingyang", with more than 30 varieties, more than 4000 employees, a poker production capacity of 600million pieces and an annual sales revenue of 350million yuan. Jinan Shijin can also customize courses to meet your specific laboratory needs

giving play to the cluster effect and leading role is one of the mysteries of the development and growth of Wuyi poker industry. Wuyi United Printing Co., Ltd., famous for producing "fishing" poker, is a leading enterprise in the printing industry of the county. Over the past few years, the company has selected printing plants with good equipment and reliable quality from the printing industry in the county to process poker for the company. The raw material supply, production quality standards, registered trademarks, sales markets, etc. of these plants with processing zigzag strength>150mp are arranged by the company. Due to small investment, low risk, high output and good benefits, 9 printing plants have been attracted to process poker for them

continuous technological innovation and quality excellence are the key to Wuyi poker going nationwide. Over the past few years, Wuyi United Printing Co., Ltd. has invested more than 20 million yuan in the technical transformation of coating, machine mounting and die cutting, continuously launched poker with novel appearance, and gradually led the national popular style of poker packaging. From the initial five color register to the subsequent two printing, until now, one printing molding has been realized. Not only the product quality is better, but also the production efficiency is 1. Price's aluminum alloy body riveting 4.0 solution realizes the intelligent upgrading rate of riveting assembly, which is greatly improved. In order to improve the paper quality of poker, the company independently developed and produced glass cardboard as a special paper for poker. The produced Poker has the characteristics of high gloss, good smoothness, folding resistance, strong elasticity and no layering. "Fishing" poker was rated as "famous trademark of Zhejiang Province" at the beginning of this year after winning the "preferred brand of consumers in Zhejiang Province"

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