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Small cigarette labels have culture

the standard type and specification of cigarette labels are mainly divided into hard packaging, horizontal packaging 8, end of experiment and ultra long packaging (i.e. 70, 84mm, 100mm; ordinary, filter and extended filter) according to the packaging method. There is a hard card in the cigarette label, which refers to the cigarette label with hard card on paper, that is, the packaging of hard box cigarettes

old label refers to the cigarette label before liberation. From the beginning of tobacco entering China at the end of the 18th century to the rise of national cigarettes in China, the history reflected by the old standard continued until 1949. The old standard has been produced for a long time, has a small amount of existence, and is a treasure in the category

early standards refer to cigarette labels in the historical period from the founding of the people's Republic of China to the middle of the country, mainly referring to local state-owned and public-private joint ventures from the 1950s to the 1960s. Early signs are also more valuable

Chinese standard refers to the label with the words "produced by China Tobacco Industry Corporation" instead of the name of the cigarette factory on the cigarette label. It dates from 1964 to the cultural revolution, leaving an indelible footprint in the history of Chinese cigarette labels

Cultural Revolution logo refers to the cigarette logo produced during the cultural revolution with the flavor of the cultural revolution, which is the most direct, simple and economical practice. It has a history of more than 20 years and is difficult to collect

set of cigarette labels, that is, a complete set of cigarette labels. The so-called set label generally refers to cigarette labels printed in more than three formats, with the same theme, the same design style, the same standard type, but different patterns

commemorative mark refers to a cigarette mark specially made to commemorate an event and printed with commemorative words and patterns. For example, the Asian Games logo issued by the 11th Asian Games, the commemorative logo to celebrate the national day, is the centenary of Chairman Mao Zedong's birth. This kind of commemorative mark is easy to miss if you don't grasp the opportunity

collecting cigarette labels can improve appreciation, increase knowledge, cultivate morality, and integrate the needs of downstream users. After all, only 10% of them are effectively recycled to the patriotic role of Ming Dynasty. Further research will inevitably step into the scope of tobacco culture, because cigarette labels are a very important carrier in the later stage of tobacco culture

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