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Liu Binjie said that China will build a publishing industry belt

32 On the colorful day of April 4, when Liu Binjie, the director of the General Administration of publishing, met with Schroeder, a former German Chancellor and senior adviser to the Swiss Jung publishing group, and his delegation in Beijing, he said that the next development focus of China's publishing industry will be to participate in strength changing experiments (such as bolts of various shapes, torsion springs, clockwork, etc.) or non-metallic materials; It can also conduct strength change experiments on composite materials and components to compete internationally, and is ready to increase cooperation with Jung publishing group

At the same time, he also revealed that in the future, China will plan to establish some publishing industrial belts and industrial clusters, accumulate a large amount of capital, talents and technology from all parties, and form new growth points of the industry. Some new opening policies will be tried out in these industrial belts and industrial development bases

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