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Before the festival, the steel market suffered a blizzard, and they unexpectedly said that the steel market would rise

affected by a new round of strong cold air, a new round of large-scale rain and snow in the Middle East kicked off. According to the weather forecast, many parts of the country will enter the strongest snowfall period from the 24th. Among them, Shaanxi, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places have blizzard

Taking Anhui as an example, from the 24th, heavy snow occurred in Anqing, Lu'an and other places, and then the scope will be extended to most areas south of the Huaihe River. In the face of such freezing weather, Hefei Transportation Bureau issued an emergency notice, requiring all departments to strengthen safety management, investigate hidden dangers, and coordinate arrangements. Therefore, the articles recently sorted out for bending specimens should be high-quality, high-knowledge articles with sufficient length and capacity to ensure the safety of traffic operations

according to the survey, the phenomenon of heavy snow blocking roads and road icing has seriously hindered the transportation channels of steel pipes, which continues to exert pressure on the already inactive Anhui pipe market. The pipes can't come in, the resources can't go out, and those who are in time for the construction period meet those who are in winter storage, which all seem worried. Chen Wenjiang, an analyst, said that in the short term, the strengthening and toughening mechanism and interface properties will continue to be weak, and the arrival of new resources will also slow down. Businesses are more concerned about the market trend after the year, hoping that this Blizzard will not bring disaster, but good luck

then, in this heavy snowfall, what is the market situation in various places and what are the variables in the market in the coming year? In this regard, Huatai futures expects that the snowfall will further reduce downstream demand, which will be bad for the steel price

it is recalled that last month, a large-scale Blizzard fell across the country, which had a great impact on construction production, outdoor operations and road traffic, causing a significant reduction in downstream steel demand

as of the week of January 19, the inventory of building materials of domestic steel mills has decreased significantly, and the enthusiasm of downstream customers to take goods has increased significantly, promoting the steel price to stop falling and rebound. But it didn't last long. In the view of analyst Shen Yibing, with the large-scale rain and snow freezing weather in the middle and east of this week, and the stock and gambling market of middlemen in the early stage may account for the majority, once the demand of end-users shrinks, the inventory pressure of middlemen will increase significantly, and the demand of building materials market may cool down again this week

in fact, since last week, due to the opening of winter storage market, the building materials market has stopped falling and rebounded in mid January 2018. However, with the recent large-scale rain and snow weather superimposed, the steel price rose too fast on Monday (22nd), the demand for steel was significantly narrowed, and the enthusiasm of end users to purchase decreased significantly

in terms of the market, after the spot price fell in the past two days, traders' enthusiasm for purchasing increased, and the market remained optimistic about spring demand. In the view of weijunyi, an analyst of Huatai futures, rebar futures prices will rise

Liu Yiqing, an analyst of Jinshi futures, also held the same view. In his view, China's economy is expected to maintain steady growth in 2018, and the overall demand for steel will also remain stable. At present, the steel mill inventory and social inventory level are lower than expected, and the winter storage market starts again, and the market after the Spring Festival can still be expected

at this stage, the winter storage has not been completed, and the heavy snow is disturbing. Steel people can control the operating price of the experimental machine through the console or show a range fluctuation trend. Huatai futures believes that it can choose to bargain long 1805 contracts

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