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Small cloth shell Q1 appears in 2018 China International Ai exhibition

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on August 30, 2018, the 2018 China (Shanghai) International Ai exhibition with the theme of "smart technology · creating the future" was grandly opened at the Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center. At the exhibition, children's intelligent robot products, including the small cloth shell Q1 picture book reading robot, attracted the attention of the guests

it is reported that small cloth shell is the latest brand launched by Shenzhen onehome Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018. It is located in children's intelligent reading experts. Through the integration of software and hardware, it aims to create a three-dimensional warehouse for year-old preschool children, which integrates "picture book reading" and promotes additive manufacturing technology to demonstrate and utilize "reading sharing" and "reading habit formation" in key fields such as industrial manufacturing, culture, medical treatment, education and so on "Personalized reading think tank" is a four-dimensional integrated reading platform. IFLYTEK AI interactive system carried by small cloth shell can interact in the most natural language, so that children can easily realize intelligent enlightenment

according to liujinxiao, CEO of my family, the reason why I founded the brand of small cloth shell is because I feel guilty about my daughter. Because of work, I can't often accompany my daughter, which is expected to save a lot of money. Although my friend's daughter is only four years old, she has developed language organization ability and imagination beyond her peers because of frequent parent-child reading. In contrast, I am very ashamed, and I also hope that my daughter can grow up happily, accompanied by reading. He realized that this was not only his own trouble, but also the trouble of most parents in society. Therefore, in order to bring more reading fun to his daughter and let more preschool children have reading companionship on the road of growth, Liu Jinxiao united with a group of like-minded friends to create a small cloth shell brand

the small cloth shell Q1 picture book reading robot is the main product of the small cloth shell family. The robot came out after 16 months of research and development, dozens of versions of program adjustments, and thousands of calibration experiments. The birth of the small cloth shell Q1 picture book reading robot also reflects the original intention of our technology. It aims to create a high-quality intelligent reading platform and achieve the balanced development of early childhood education, provide children with good reading content and reading experience, and make reading and public welfare a habit of the future generation

adhering to the concept of creating a high-quality intelligent reading platform, the main functions of the small cloth shell Q1 picture book reading robot are picture book intelligent recognition, parents' picture books, AI voice interaction, family micro chat, etc. Small cloth shell Q1 locates the core function of the product on picture book reading, breaking the disadvantages of the original book limitation of early education products. Using AI image recognition technology, it realizes the intelligent recognition of picture books and automatic page turning reading, which not only opens up a new form of reading, but also makes reading more vivid and convenient. At the same time, xiaobuhu Q1 has developed a unique function for parents to record picture books. Parents only need to record picture books on the app side of xiaobuhu, and xiaobuhu Q1 can automatically play it out, so that parent-child reading is no longer limited by time and space. In addition, in order to let children further feel the company of their parents, xiaobuhu Q1 has the function of family voice micro chat, supports expression and situational dialogue, which can not only realize the interaction of family members, but also guide children to develop good living habits

in order to cultivate children's reading habits, little cloth shell Q1 is equipped with Turing AI voice interaction system, which can not only have interesting and friendly conversations with children, but also actively guide children to read. In terms of content, xiaobujia Q1 also strives to be perfect. In the production of reading audio, it invites top domestic sound actors to record the audio of picture books, coupled with vivid sound effects and background music, to give children an immersive reading experience and make children love reading in a short time. In the process of reading through the small cloth shell Q1, children can change passive learning into active reading by using the reading method of hand, ear and eye, and greatly improve the absorption rate of reading picture books

at this International Ai exhibition, the small cloth shell Q1 robot with innovative reading form + immersion reading body, the price of high configuration will certainly be higher than the price of low configuration, which has been welcomed by the majority of audiences. It is also expected that this picture book reading robot with ultra-high appearance and profound connotation can continue to bring high-quality reading experience to children and realize intelligent enlightenment

[editor: Zhao Yanyan]

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