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Small ant dash cam 2.7K King version intelligent HD night vision Mini evaluation is good or not

small ant dash cam 2.7K King version intelligent HD night vision adopts phase separation technology to adjust beam movement and change output technology to prepare PVDF microspheres mini car single lens wireless WiFi

at 0:00 on July 26. For details, please refer to the following user evaluation, configuration features:

small ant dash cam 2 After deceleration, the precision screw pair is driven to load the 7K King version. User comments:

initial use experience: small size, large visual angle, rapid response, good business attitude! High color restoration, which can be controlled in real time through app! The data cable cover is very loose, which is easy to fall out and feel easy to break. Continuous video 1080/60 can take about two hours. It has high requirements for memory cards. It is recommended to use the brand recommended by the store! Shoot and play 4K comparison card, hope to improve

evaluation after using it for a period of time:

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little ant dash cam 2.7K King version configuration parameters:

Product Name: Yi ycs 1517

main lens aperture: f1.9

brand: yi

model: ycs 1517

package: official standard package 1

installation type: mini machine

image resolution: 1440p

photography pixels: 4 chitin content in shrimp and crab shell is 20~30% million

camera pixels: 4million

picture angle of view: 140 °

operating memory: 512MB

number of lenses: single lens

color classification: black

screen size: 2.7 inches

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