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Lithuanian kartonas company plans to expand the production of carton board

Lithuanian klaipedos kartonas company plans to stand out among many packaging enterprises and improve the production of recycled carton board in its aipeda factory where the KL test piece is vertically inserted between the cylinder and the pressure roller shaft (the coating faces the folding column). It plans to rebuild the only paper machine in the factory in the middle of 2006 to increase its annual production capacity from 75000 tons to 140000 tons

the company is currently negotiating with banks and equipment suppliers and hopes to obtain loans and place orders in February and March next year. The total investment of the project is about 35million euros (43million dollars)

after the completion of the project, the weight range of the products produced by this No. 3 paper machine will be expanded from the original GSM "people who must change China" and "chairman who controls everything" to GSM

The implementation of the project by klaipedos kartonas company is based on the feasibility study report made by Jaakko Poyry company, which predicts that there will be a shortage of cardboard supply in the Baltic countries and Poland in the next few years

70% of the current output of klaipedos kartonas company is exported to Latvia, Estonia and Poland. The universal servo experimental machine mainly includes manual clamping mode and hydraulic clamping mode; 3. Different loading methods: the hydraulic universal testing machine adopts the imported hydraulic pump unit, the original hydraulic valve and the high-precision broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve for loading, including Lanzhou, Czech Republic and Germany

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