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Weekly report of the electrical equipment industry: in the first October, wind power increased by 0.2gw year-on-year, and Ningde times received a huge order from BMW.

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original title: weekly report of electrical equipment industry: wind power increased by 0.2gw year-on-year in the first October, and received a huge order from BMW. Source: Guosheng Securities Co., Ltd.

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new energy power generation:

photovoltaic: the 2020 local electricity subsidy budget was released in advance, with a budget scale of 5.675 billion yuan. This week, the Ministry of Finance issued the notice of the Ministry of Finance on Issuing the 2020 renewable energy electricity price additional subsidy budget in advance. The notice mainly focuses on local electricity in 11 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), including Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang and Qinghai. The total budget is 5.67542 billion yuan, including 2.97 billion yuan for wind power projects, 2.16 billion yuan for photovoltaic projects, 70 million yuan for biomass power generation projects, and 480 million yuan for public renewable energy independent systems. This budget was issued earlier, which helped local power companies prepare in advance and improve the subsidy arrears. In terms of recommendations, it is suggested to pay attention to Tongwei shares, a battery manufacturer that benefits from the rise in the price of battery chips; Silicon chip and component faucet; Silicon chip faucet; Component manufacturers and EPC manufacturers

wind power: the wind power data in the first October was 14.66gw, with a year-on-year increase of 0.2gw. This week, the National Energy Administration released the monthly national power industry statistics, which showed that the country's new wind power and installed capacity were 14.66gw, an increase of 0.2gw year-on-year. From the data of single month consolidation, the single month consolidation in October was 1.58gw, a year-on-year decrease of 15.1%. The fact that the data is not as good as expected does not affect the performance certainty of the wind power sector and the background of rush loading in the industry. At present, the overall prosperity of the industry is high, and the production capacity and orders of leading enterprises are relatively full. The revenue recognition node of the fan manufacturer is the arrival confirmation. After the arrival of the fan, there is a time difference from hoisting to. The current fourth quarter is the peak of industry hoisting, and the prosperity of the industry will continue to improve. Since this year, with the wind power parity market gradually approaching, Guodian investment took the lead in launching the 6Gw parity base in Wulanchabu, and then the CGN Hinggan League 3gw parity wind power project was approved. According to the statistics of Goldwind technology, the domestic large wind power base is rich in reserves, and the total scale is expected to be 25gw. The subsequent launch of large base projects will drive the domestic wind power installation to the next stage. Recommendation: Goldwind technology, the leading wind turbine company that has ushered in the inflection point of performance, and Tianshun wind energy, a component company with high performance growth

new energy vehicles: Ningde times has received a huge additional order from BMW, accounting for more than 70%. It has the upper hand in the competition with international lithium battery giants, has prominent global competitiveness, and continues to recommend the main line of globalization. On November 21, BMW announced that it would add a huge amount of orders to Ningde times, and the annual order amount would be significantly increased from the original 4 billion euros to 7.3 billion euros, of which 4.5 billion euros would be supplied to BMW Group and 2.8 billion euros to BMW Brilliance China. At the same time, BMW has also signed an order with Samsung SDI, the second supplier. 3) experimental equipment has been in work for a total of 2.9 billion euros a year to ensure its future battery supply. Among BMW's orders totaling 10.2 billion euros, Ningde era has won more than 70% of the share, and has the upper hand in the competition with international lithium battery giants. Ningde era's competitiveness is once again demonstrated, and BMW will also become the first customer of Erfurt factory in Ningde era Germany. The golden decade of the new energy vehicle industry is coming, and the main logic of globalization continues to be recommended. The inflection point of the long-term prosperity of the new energy vehicle industry is approaching. With the start of the first round of product cycles of mainstream domestic and foreign auto enterprises, the superposition industry has really entered the growth period from the introduction period, mainly because the steering wheel should often hover, which will form a long-term and short-term resonance, and the plate is expected to usher in the main upsurge. From the perspective of supply chain, the uncertainty caused by the overseas market volume of international car companies and the impact on their own brands after entering the domestic market, and the certainty and stability of the performance growth of companies that can enter the supply system of international car companies/battery manufacturers will be greatly improved. Continue to recommend Ningde times, putailai, Enjie shares, Hongfa shares; Attention

power equipment: the second batch of new bidding for national informatization equipment & services was launched, and the ubiquitous investment was increased at the end of the year

on November 19, the national electronic platform announced the second batch of information equipment & Service bidding, a total of 258 projects, including 197/61 projects of equipment/service respectively, and a total of about 11600 pieces of equipment (9978 pieces of information equipment, and the rest are scheduling equipment). Although the number of information-based bidding is less than that of the first batch in September (a total of 854 projects were added in the first batch, including 579 service bidding; the total number of equipment is about 19000 pieces, with a total bidding amount of about 1.766 billion), the supporting bidding for the construction of ubiquitous power IOT by the subsidiaries of Shandong electric power group and East China branch was added to the bidding for information-based hardware, scheduling hardware and scheduling software. It has become a highlight of this bidding. It shows that Guopan electric power IOT investment continues to increase in Q4 environmental protection material ultra light soil 3D printing, and the investment direction is changing from pilot to full deployment. Key recommended software terminals: Guodian Narui, Minjiang hydropower; Hardware side:

risk tip: the installed demand of new energy is less than expected, the new energy power generation policy is less than expected, and the macro-economy is less than expected

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