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Zeng Ye, the "little boss" in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province: a good man should aim high and keep far

Zeng Ye, the "little boss" in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province: a good man should aim high and keep far

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Guide: the word "Zhigao cunyuan" comes from Zhu Geliang's "Mian nephew book", to the effect that: a husband should aim high and keep far, Mu Xianxian, desperate desire, abandon stagnation, so that the ambition of a few people is exposed and compassionate. Among the clients of XCMG, there is such a small boss. Although he is young, he has great ambition and has a beautiful

the word "ambition high and far away" comes from Zhugeliang's "Mian nephew's book", and the general idea is: "the ambition of a husband should be high and far away. Mu Xianxian should have no passion and desire, abandon stagnation, and make the ambition of a few concubines, expose and feel pity." Among the clients of XCMG, there is such a small boss. Although he is young, he has lofty aspirations, has beautiful ideals, and is full of expectations for his future

Zeng Ye, a native of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, has just turned 20 this year, and now owns four road rollers of XCMG, which can be said to be the youngest boss among XCMG's customers. Zeng Ye's family is rich, and his parents started from contracting road construction in their early years. After years of development, Zeng Ye has accumulated a solid economic foundation for his family, so Zeng Ye is also a real "rich second generation". However, he did not live an extravagant life of the "rich second generation", but devoted himself to the road construction site and stayed with the road roller all day. According to Zeng Ye's words, "being with the road roller makes me feel secure. It is it that makes our family out of difficulties and accumulates wealth for our family. In the future, I will use it to expand my future. The road roller is my family"

when the sky falls on a great task, you must first be painstaking

at the age of 18, Zeng Ye gave up his busy urban life and went to the road construction site in remote mountainous areas. On the site, he not only controlled the construction progress of the project, but also managed everyone's daily life. Some trivial things in work and life were arranged orderly and row upon row by him. The days on the construction site are boring, but Zeng Ye has his own way to have fun. In his spare time, he followed his teacher to learn the maintenance technology of the roller. After the roller was used every day, he personally maintained the roller. He believes that maintaining the roller can not only ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but also increase his maintenance skills for the roller, and at the same time, it will not make him feel bored in life. Two years later, Zeng Ye has become an expert in the maintenance of road rollers. If there is a problem with the road roller, he can judge the problem as long as he gets on the car and tries it. As Mencius said, those who achieve great things must first be patient, sharpen their minds, and gain what they cannot, so as to achieve a career. Zeng Ye, a 20-year-old, is much more mature and stable than the State Key Laboratory of food contact materials of Changzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jiangsu Province at the same age when testing colored plastic lunch boxes, plastic cups and other food contact materials. He told us that we all know that it is easy to start a business but difficult to keep it. My father has created a foundation for us through countless hardships. Now that he has given this foundation to me, I can't live up to my father's expectations, and I will try to make this foundation flourish

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speaking of Zeng Ye's father, Zeng Yajin, who was born in a poor family, his father named him Yajin in the hope that one day he could shine like gold. Filial piety comes first in Pepsi. As the eldest son of the family, he has parents to support and younger siblings to take care of. The burden of life fell on his shoulders early. Zou Yajin was a truck driver at first. He mainly pulled earthwork on construction sites. Although he worked hard, he could earn a lot of money in a year. It was not a problem to take care of the family's life. Over the years, he also had some savings. He knew that the income from driving a truck could only solve the problem of food and clothing at home. It was difficult to achieve the income from driving a truck if he wanted to make a family rich. So if he wanted to make his family live a rich life, he had to find another way to make a living again. During these years on the construction site, he made some friends. They gave advice to Zoe Yajin to buy a roller, and told him that now the construction of high-speed roads in Guangdong is so high that only large-scale instruments with high sensitivity can be used for laboratory testing. If you want to be rich, you can buy a roller as your own boss, and the income of driving a roller is much higher than that of driving a truck, And it is not as hard to work as the enterprise based on the industry characteristics and its actual use of driving trucks. Zi Yajin also calculated for a while, and felt that this was a way out. Having his own roller was better than working for others. After several setbacks, in 2005, Zou Yajin bought a second-hand XCMG roller. With his own roller, although he still went out early and returned late, his income was several times that of driving a truck before, and his family's life had also been significantly improved. It should be said that zouyakin also caught up with a good period. At that time, there were many projects and few equipment. As long as there was equipment, there was no work to do. Zi Yajin knew psychologically that adding one more roller would increase his income, so he planned to buy a second roller. As a frugal person, he saved all his money except for the necessary expenses of his family. In 2007, he bought the second XCMG xs262j roller. The joint construction of two road rollers has completely changed the life of Mian Yajin, and his family is gradually getting richer. In the next few years, Zou Yajin ordered four more rollers from XCMG. In his opinion, having XCMG's rollers is the guarantee of life stability, and one more roller is a guarantee. So far, Zou Yajin has a total of 6 XCMG rollers, 2 of which are brought by him to do some small projects, and 4 of which are under the management of his son Zeng Ye

the sword is sharpened

at a young age, Zeng Ye took four road rollers and traveled to many cities and counties in Guangdong to undertake pavement construction projects. Zeng Ye said that the reason why I have been immersed in road construction sites in the past two years is mainly because I am still young and lack of experience in road construction, so I want to enrich my knowledge in road construction in the shortest time, including maintenance knowledge of road machinery and equipment, knowledge of road construction standards, etc., so as to lay a solid foundation for my future road. My father has accumulated wealth for my family. Now he has given this wealth to me. I will make good use of this wealth to make our family a higher level. Now we have 6 road rollers in our family, and the project we do only focuses on the compaction of the road surface, and my goal is to do the construction and maintenance of the whole road. When the time is ripe, I will set up a Road Construction Co., Ltd. we will not only build the road, but also undertake the road maintenance work, and implement a one-stop service for the road. At that time, we need to add more road machinery and equipment, including pavers, double steel wheel rollers, tire rollers, milling machines, comprehensive maintenance vehicles and so on. My father used XCMG's roller to accumulate wealth for his family. I also hope XCMG will help me succeed on my future road and help me go further in the cause of road construction

a hundred studies must be determined first

Zeng Ye, as a post-90s young man with ideals and aspirations, strives to do something and brighten his youth with the light of ideological wisdom; Specialize in theory and ignite youth with the fire of ideals and beliefs; Fearing setbacks and singing youth with the song of forge ahead, XCMG is a lighthouse to illuminate your life journey and guide you in the direction of your long voyage

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