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Lithography is used to verify 500ppi organic EL panel

Sony introduced the possibility of realizing the most cutting-edge LCD panel close to 500ppi definition with the difficult high-precision organic EL panel at the SID 2012 seminar of the world's largest display society. The company, which promotes the development and progress of green composite technology, released the achievement of separating organic EL materials with a pixel spacing of 51 m (dot spacing of 17 m) equivalent to 500ppi through lithography (Paper No.: 68.4l)

lithography was used to produce the 3-inch 270ppi (VGA) organic EL panel released by Sony on Sid in 2011. The specific method is to use lithography to paint red light-emitting layer (r layer) and green light-emitting layer (g layer), and combine these two layers with general blue (b) evaporated coating to realize full-color display. A year ago, Sony said that the details of the sub coating technology were inconvenient to be disclosed, but this time it made it clear that it was lithography. Moreover, Sony also disclosed the photos of the pixel array samples with a line width of 17 m formed by lithography and a combination of R and G layers using a general vapor coating

Sony also unveiled the latest organic EL panel produced by lithography at the developers' meeting. The screen size has increased from 3 inches a year ago to 7.4 inches, the number of pixel conditioning chords is 960540 (q-hd), and the definition is 150ppi. In terms of organic EL materials, polymer materials are used for R and G layers, and low molecular materials are used for blue general vapor coating

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