There is a layer of plastic film in the water tank

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There is a layer of plastic film in the "happy fat house water" tank

according to foreign media reports, a shocking video revealed the secret inside the coke can: after the metal on the outer layer of the aluminum can was dissolved by the detergent, the plastic coating of the alliance, which was composed of 8 manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomer materials and products and 5 universities and scientific research institutes, including Hefei Academy of materials science, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hefei University of technology, was exposed. This layer of plastic anodic aluminum oxide can also color the metal. In fact, it is a protective film to prevent the reaction between acidic drinks and metal. High concentration of aluminum compounds will threaten the functions of human bones and brain, and this layer of plastic film can effectively prevent aluminum from entering the human body

carbonated drinks are full of carbon dioxide gas, so they will keep bubbling. Carbon dioxide dissolved in liquid will form an acidic substance, so carbonated beverages such as cola are very acidic. Beverages such as cola usually contain phosphoric acid, while fruit juice drinks such as Fanta usually contain citric acid

if these acids are directly in contact with aluminum in group A, they will react with it and corrode it to form aluminum phosphate and hydrogen. If the aluminum content in the human body is too high, it will be harmful to the body, causing bone and brain abnormalities. The metal film can separate the beverage from the metal to prevent harm to the human body

the plastic coating in the coke can constitutes a barrier between the beverage and the metal. These plastic coatings have been playing a vital role in ensuring the safety of food and beverage since they were invented more than 50 years ago

moreover, the weight of this film can be "ignored", which only accounts for a small part of the weight of the tank body, and will be destroyed before the metal in the tank body is recycled

the recycling process of these plastics in the metal cans is as follows: the metal cans will be crushed first, and then enter the incinerator. The non-metallic components in the cans will be incinerated first under high temperature, and the emission level is within the allowable range of the Environmental Protection Bureau. The residual gas will be introduced into a special control system to remove all residual solid wastes

in general, metal cans are much more environmentally friendly than plastics, because the recovery rate of metal is higher than that of glass and plastics, and can be recycled in a closed-loop system. The whole process takes only about 60 days

aluminum is the most abundant element in the earth's crust and widely distributed. It is a very active metal. It does not exist as a simple substance in nature, but will form compounds with other elements. In fact, this is not the most effective process to form compounds. The most common is alumina. These compounds are very common in soil and rocks

therefore, every time you drink a can of "happy fat house water", you can silently thank this layer of plastic film that makes you drink happier~

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