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There is a precedent for windshield glass crack in China. Insiders believe that besides quality, operation and maintenance are also very important.

. On the cause of the incident, on the evening of May 14, a relevant person from Airbus China (hereinafter referred to as Airbus China) told the daily economy: "we provide technical support in this matter, and the airlines and the Civil Aviation Administration will lead the investigation."

on May 15, as a senior captain, Xuan Yanmin, who is now the captain of an airline A320, expressed his views on this incident. He believed that windshield glass is a "high-end" technology. Besides the technology of glass quality, operation and maintenance are also very important

there have been many cases of cracks before, but this kind of falling off is very "special"

according to Airbus China official station, A319 belongs to A320 series products with single channel. A319 is the reduced version of A320. A319 project was initiated in june1993 and delivered in May1996. Its range can reach 3900 nautical miles (7200 kilometers), which is the longest range model in Airbus A320 series. In addition, according to Airbus, about 300million euros are invested every year in various improvements of A320 series aircraft

before this time, some media reported that Airbus had glass cracks or cracks in China

on November 21, 2015, an A321 aircraft of China Southern Airlines took off from Taoxian Airport in Shenyang. The crew found that the front windshield glass was damaged, and then made a safe alternate landing in Qingdao

on July 9, 2016, a China Southern Airlines plane flew from Guangzhou to Chengdu. After the plane, which was an Airbus A320, landed, the aircraft's front radar fairing, No. 1 and No. 2 windshield in the cockpit and some body structures were damaged after the flight inspection by the maintenance staff. The event was initially judged as hail impact during flight

Boeing has had similar problems. On october12,2004, a Boeing 737 flying from Kunming to Shanghai suddenly broke its cockpit glass when flying over the border of Guizhou, causing turbulence. After that, the plane made a successful forced landing

xuanyanmin said that the above-mentioned cracks on the windshield glass of the aircraft were not even classified as "emergency" or "special" in the civil aviation industry, but only as "abnormal". Even if something like this happens to the aircraft, the pilot can ensure flight safety by handling it according to flight procedures. As long as the unit is well prepared, closely cooperated, and according to the disposal procedures, even if the windshield is damaged, it can be saved

however, Xuan Yanmin said that the whole glass broke and fell during the alternate landing of Sichuan Airlines, which is a very "special" situation in the industry

windshield glass is a "sophisticated" technology, and quality operation and maintenance are very important.

daily economy combed various materials and interviewed relevant people. It was found that although the proportion of aircraft windshield glass in the whole machine is very small, it is one of the important key components

the manufacture of aircraft windshield glass covers almost all high-precision and cutting-edge technologies of glass original sheet and deep processing. Boeing and Airbus are the major manufacturers of large aircraft in the world, while PPG in the United States, Sully in Saint Gobain in France, GKN in the United Kingdom, etc. can provide windshield glass for large aircraft

at present, China's self-developed large aircraft have been installed with China's self-made windshield glass, making China one of the few countries that can develop aircraft glass after the United States, Britain, France, Russia and so on

an unnamed seller of ITO thin film laser engraving technology for aircraft windshield glass introduced to the daily economy that aircraft windshield glass is a high-end manufacturing. At present, China's large aircraft windshield glass technology has just started, and there is still a certain gap between China and foreign countries in many key technologies, so it is necessary to make continuous breakthroughs in technology, process and equipment

xuanyanmin told the daily economy on May 15 that according to the description of the FC test width of Airbus 320 aircraft: 30 mm (standard fixture) om manual ((DSC)), there are 6 layers of aircraft front windshield glass, from the outside to the inside, including the outer layer, heating coating, interlayer, middle layer, another interlayer and inner layer

among them, the outer layer is a non structural layer, which is only a protective layer. The outer layer has the function of heating, mainly for protection. When the aircraft flies in the air, the external temperature will be as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. The heated windshield can effectively maintain a certain strength and toughness. The second layer of heating film can defog and deice the windshield/window

the structural layer includes the middle layer and the inner layer, each of which can bear independent pressure load. Any layer has the ability to bear twice the maximum pressure difference of the aircraft, so as long as there is any middle or inner layer of glass, the aircraft is safe

Xuan Yanmin introduced that, looking at domestic and foreign airlines, most of them choose to return or alternate to reduce unknown risks and ensure flight safety

talking about the sharp pick-up of orders from China's plastic extruder enterprises and the falling off of the windshield glass of Sichuan Airlines flight, Xuan Yanmin believes that the investigation results of the Civil Aviation Administration have not yet come out, and there are many possibilities to touch the strength and conductivity of the copper strip used in the automotive electrical system. The service time of Sichuan Airlines' alternate aircraft this time has been nearly 8 years, which is not very long. In xuanyanmin's personal opinion, aviation glass is generally a high-end product, and in addition to its own quality, technology, installation and other aspects of operation and maintenance, it is also very important

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