There is a large space for the transformation of t

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There is a large space for the transformation of power consumption mode, and the energy transformation needs three-party linkage

as the boss of the power reform Shenzhen factory joins hands with the central enterprises to replace imports, the power reform dividend is gradually released to the whole society. Peak valley electricity price, step electricity price and other electricity price policies are also guiding the rational use of electricity in the whole society, and residents will benefit from the reduction of electricity costs. How do urban residents view the new electricity price policy and rational use of electricity? Do you pay attention to daily electricity consumption and electricity price? Can we save electricity and cultivate energy-saving consciousness? One of the most important standards for modeling products with these problems is that they will not peel off. A small-scale questionnaire survey was conducted to understand the overall situation of current urban residents' electricity consumption

from April 9 to 12, this newspaper designed the questionnaire on Residents' daily power consumption (hereinafter referred to as the questionnaire), which was distributed through the network platform, and finally 50 valid questionnaires were collected

the questionnaire mainly involves the daily electricity consumption habits, electricity consumption behavior and electricity saving awareness of residents' families. The survey cities involved more than a dozen first - and second tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Lanzhou and Zhengzhou. The respondents were between years old, and most of them had received college education or above

the proportion of peak load shifting electricity consumption is small.

the results of the questionnaire show that in the face of the current peak valley electricity price implemented by the state, 84% of the residents said that they would not adjust the household electricity consumption period for the peak valley electricity price, and only 16% of the residents would make adjustments (see the chart)

"of course, the electricity consumption time will not be changed for the peak valley electricity price." Mr. Xu from Yangzhou told us, "electrical appliances will be used when they need to be used. There is no need to change family living habits in order to save some electricity."

when visiting yanjingli, Tuanjiehu and other residential areas in Chaoyang District, Beijing, it was found that many residents' ideas were almost the same as that of Mr. Xu. They believed that there was not much electricity consumption and electricity charge at home, so they would not care about peak and valley electricity prices

as for the question "do you care about household electricity consumption", 80% of the residents said that they care about electricity consumption in an average way, another 8% said that it doesn't matter, and only 12% of the residents thought that they care about household electricity consumption very much (see the chart)

some residents said that they would not mind if the electricity charge was within the affordable range. But when the electricity charge is very high, we will be concerned about where the electricity consumption is

songzhongkui, Secretary General of China Energy Conservation Association, said that since urban residents pay, what is the composition of the hydraulic universal testing machine? Is there anything special? Strong ability, fast pace of life, may not pay much attention to the electricity bill. "Only when electricity expenditure accounts for a certain proportion of household expenditure, residents may pay attention to staggering electricity consumption. For high-income groups, the impact of electricity consumption and delivery on their lives can be ignored."

it is understood that the purpose of implementing peak and valley electricity prices is to effectively play the leverage role of electricity prices, curb the rapid growth of electricity consumption during peak periods, and increase the electricity consumption during low periods, so as to improve the benefits of electricity and the whole society. In this regard, liujizhen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, believes that time phased electricity prices play a very important role in the overall energy transformation, especially in strengthening demand side management, promoting the consumption of new energy and ensuring the stability of power balance

"we have been calling for the establishment of time of use electricity price or even real-time electricity price as soon as possible. Price mechanism and market mechanism are powerful levers. Publicizing and promoting this issue will get twice the result with half the effort. This simple approach will play an unexpected role." Liujizhen said

the awareness of energy conservation needs to be improved

for the reference value of household electricity consumption, the questionnaire shows that more than 90% (94%) of the respondents take the payment of electricity as the measurement standard, and only 6% of the residents will really pay attention to the electricity meter data. Moreover, 70% of the residents believe that "saving money" is an important factor affecting the residents' awareness of power saving

when visiting the residents of the two communities, we learned that most of the residents interviewed thought that paying attention to the electricity meter data was of no practical significance. "Even if we really pay attention to electricity consumption, we also want to use less electricity." Ms. Wu of the community near Tuanjie Lake said, "in the final analysis, it is still to save money."

when asked "why not buy energy-saving appliances", 57% said that the price of energy-saving appliances was too high. This phenomenon was investigated at the Suning e-buy air conditioner store in Ciyun bridge, Beijing

the salesperson of Suning Tesco told that when consumers buy electrical appliances, they usually raise various questions because of the high price of first-class energy-efficient appliances. "Many people will ask, how long will it take to recover the electricity bill under normal circumstances when the appliances with grade I energy efficiency labels are more expensive than those with grade II energy efficiency labels?"

as for the proportion of consumers who usually buy energy-efficient appliances in the stores, the salesperson said: "generally speaking, there are many people who buy grade I energy efficiency labels." The main reasons are as follows: firstly, due to the promotion of national policies, the number of products with primary energy efficiency labels in the market accounts for a large proportion; Secondly, most people buy electrical appliances with class I energy efficiency labels because of the functions, effects and other indicators of the machine itself; Third, the state subsidizes energy-efficient appliances, and the higher the energy efficiency, the higher the subsidy proportion. "Therefore, few consumers really consider the energy-saving effect as an indicator."

with regard to the phenomenon that residents "do not pay attention to actual power consumption, but pay more attention to economic benefits", songzhongkui said that the government, relevant associations and manufacturers should guide the people more. "China energy conservation association holds an energy conservation publicity week every year to raise awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, including electricity conservation. At the same time, the ways to spread the knowledge of energy conservation and electricity conservation should also be diversified."

as for residents' questions about energy efficiency labels, songzhongkui said: "this should be popularized from the publicity level, and people should know that the use of high-energy efficiency labeled appliances throughout the life cycle will offset the early purchase cost, and even have a surplus."

rational use of electricity is the key

the survey results of the questionnaire show that there is irrationality in the way residents use electricity, lack of awareness of rational use of electricity, and even do not understand the significance of rational use of electricity. In the survey, 22% of the residents said they would not pay attention to what electrical appliances in their homes consume the most electricity; 18% of the residents do not know which period of time the household has high power consumption; 12% of the people can not cut off the power to the household appliances at any time

"guiding residents to use electricity reasonably is of great value and significance to the development of electricity, new energy and social low-carbon green transformation." Liujizhen said, "to realize the energy reform, however, this does not mean that a 7% yield will become an empty promise and the goal of energy transformation. The way residents use electricity in society should also be revolutionized and changed. Through the price mechanism, the way residents use electricity should be guided to make an important change. This change is a very important aspect of realizing the whole energy transformation."

liujizhen believes that energy transformation must realize synchronous linkage in three aspects: power supply, electricity and demand side. "The main connotation of the energy revolution is that revolutionary changes should take place in the mode of production, supply and consumption."

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