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There are still many gaps between China's machine tool industry and developed countries. So what causes this phenomenon

in recent years, the scale of China's machine tool parts manufacturing enterprises has developed rapidly, and the technology has also made rapid progress. However, compared with foreign counterparts, the gap is still very large. The main reasons are as follows: first, the industrial development is related to the political environment in the past. In the past, the degree of national support was not enough, and the enterprise's desire for quick success and instant benefit was serious, resulting in the emphasis on main engines and the neglect of components. Second, the scientific research input is small and the foundation is weak. For example, in the field of some key components, some of our enterprises can also do it, but they use ordinary machine tools to make high-precision functional components. These products can also be used in some high-end CNC machine tools, but their accuracy stability and retention are not good. In addition, the problems of raw materials and processes have brought infinite possible level problems for the functional lightweight structure in appearance automobile components. Foreign advanced components can be used for three years without replacement, while domestic components may only need to be replaced after one through crack (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.) can be used for one and a half years. This is also the reason for the low market share of domestic functional components

in the 12th Five Year Plan, the state will focus on cultivating and developing the machine tool industry as one of the strategic emerging industries, and the central and local governments will also subsidize the machine tool enterprises to encourage research and development. Under such favorable conditions, China's machine tool manufacturing enterprises should fundamentally recognize their own reasons and strive to build high-end enterprises. This is the road for the development of machine tool enterprises and the road to bring the country into a powerful machine tool country

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