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Oring industrial switch obtained CC

as a global enterprise providing industrial networking products and solutions, oring has been committed to providing complete product solutions to meet the needs of customers, and is expected to lead the industry's technological development by 2025. Recently, we announced that oring's full Gigabit 9000 series, 3000 series and 1000 series industrial Ethernet switches have obtained the CC link ie field certification and are fully compatible with the CC link ie field field field field network

cc link ie field field field network is a network facing the field device layer. It adopts the integrated network design based on Gigabit Ethernet, and has the functions of querying data (operation status), controlling data (setting and monitoring), maintaining data (fault detection) and high-speed communication, so as to meet the various needs of data processing in industrial applications. Moreover, CC link ie field field network can also realize seamless communication between enterprise network and production workshop network. Oring Industrial Ethernet solution can also realize the startup, operation and maintenance of the system based on Gigabit communication network, and improve the overall efficiency of the system

at present, oring's igs-3044gc, rgs-p9000-hv and igps-v have been certified by cc-l to implement standard cost management in IE field, with full Gigabit design, wide temperature support, 5-year warranty, and can stabilize the industrial application environment with poor application conditions

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about oring:

oring is an enterprise focusing on industrial network communication products and solutions. Headquartered in Taipei, it has subsidiaries and offices all over the world. Oring leads the market with its excellent R & D and design capabilities and forward-looking products, and has significant application advantages in special industries with harsh environment, such as rail transit, intelligent transportation, intelligent electricity, petroleum, metallurgy, etc. The main products include: industrial switch, industrial wireless AP, industrial wireless router, serial port device connection server, etc ()

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