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Oriental Yuhong won the "annual innovative building materials enterprise award for the beauty of industry"

Oriental Yuhong won the "annual innovative building materials enterprise award for the beauty of industry"

September 27, 2020

September 25, 2020, the "industrial beauty Innovation Forum" was held in Shanghai, and the list of 2020 "annual Innovation Award for the beauty of industry" was released at the same time, aiming to commend innovative enterprises, products and services emerging in the transformation of made in China. Oriental Yuhong won the "beauty of industry · annual innovative building materials enterprise award" for its continuous innovative development and high-quality solutions

this forum is hosted by Shanghai newspaper group | interface. With the theme of "innovation driven digital upgrading" which is completely amplified and converted by a/d converter, it focuses on the development trend of industrial field, shares excellent experience of the industry, has insight into the development trend of industrial field, and jointly discusses the blueprint paint of smart city brought by the digital era

"innovation is the first driving force to lead development". As a building materials system service provider, Dongfang Yuhong has a deep innovation gene. For more than 20 years, it has always "taken innovation as the sword", from culture, scientific research to business model. At this time, there may be extreme situations of soaring paper prices and order breaking cliff at the same time, breaking the door of independent innovation and achieving high-quality development of enterprises

in terms of culture, Dongfang Yuhong has established a multi-dimensional incentive mechanism, held "scientific and technological achievements selection" activities for many years, and set up technological innovation awards to promote the formation of an innovative atmosphere; In terms of scientific research, actively introduce excellent technical talents at home and abroad, establish a chief scientist mechanism, build an international research and development team, and enhance the vitality of independent research and development based on the National Key Laboratory of special functional waterproof materials, academician expert workstation, post doctoral research workstation, North American research and development center and other platforms; In terms of production, Dongfang Yuhong has built digital workshops such as "unmanned workshop", "black light workshop" and "intelligent storage", and many products and technologies have won patent recognition at home and abroad; In terms of construction equipment, we launched a series of intelligent equipment such as "Hongren", innovated the intellectualization of construction, and developed construction services into a high-end mechanized, automated and intelligent industry

from quantitative change to qualitative change, Dongfang Yuhong has achieved both market share and brand awareness. Dongfang Yuhong will continue to grow driven by innovation and steadily advance in the innovation process of Chinese brands

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