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Original consumables carry out packaging anti-counterfeiting to the end (I)

consumables anti-counterfeiting is a common topic, ranging from computer data management systems, such as code anti-counterfeiting technology and bar code anti-counterfeiting technology; Small to printing process, such as color and font. Nowadays, the speed of counterfeiters is soaring. In order to seek more benefits, they have also invested a lot of human and material resources in "counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting", and even a little tired. The consumables market seems to have not been injected with the breeze of anti-counterfeiting for manufacturers for a long time, and it has been in silence for a period of time, so counterfeit consumables are more and more rampant...

first, suddenly, it is like a spring breeze overnight, In the face of increasingly rampant counterfeit consumables, the consumables market has changed its silence in the past six months, and there has been a joyful scene of "suddenly like the spring breeze of a night, thousands of pear blossoms bloom" for consumables. Some major manufacturers have increased anti-counterfeiting technology on the original basis, and some have even changed anti-counterfeiting signs, anti-counterfeiting systems, and so on. The major consumables manufacturers finally broke out in silence. Now, they have added new firepower to the anti-counterfeiting Corps - packaging anti-counterfeiting, and launched another scuffle against counterfeiters. Suddenly, packaging anti-counterfeiting suddenly emerged, becoming another beautiful scenic spot in the field of anti-counterfeiting. Don't you see that the manufacturer has acted frequently in the past six months

(1) Epson: Recently, Epson launched a new dual ink cartridge packaging for the to57 black ink used in the me series printer. The ink cartridge packaging is plastic, with two T057 black ink cartridges inside. There are two main purposes: one is to crack down on counterfeits, and the other is to offer concessions. For a long time, Epson me series models have been very popular models, and the hot sales of machines have driven the hot sales of corresponding consumables, especially the to57 black ink cartridge. When there is demand, there is supply, so the to57 black ink cartridge for me series models can be seen everywhere in the market, including original packaging, compatibility and counterfeiting. According to relevant surveys and statistics, at present, there are not a few fake toner cartridges of to57 on the market, and the interests of merchants have been seriously damaged, so now we are hammering out new packaging to combat counterfeiting and recover losses

(2) Samsung: from April, the original packaging of Samsung original consumables will gradually disappear from the market. Instead, the new packaging with more fashionable design elements will bring users a warm and beautiful feeling, and the packaging is designed according to the different characteristics of users to facilitate user identification. The color of the main color block of the new pattern of new consumables is also consistent with the color of consumables. Users can find the goods they need at a glance, whether on the shelf or in the counter. Moreover, it adopts a cutting line that is easy to open, simplifying unnecessary links in the use process. In addition, the replacement of the new packaging of consumables all applied the new anti-counterfeiting logo implemented at the beginning of the year, which increased the difficulty and cost of counterfeiting, and was conducive to consumers to identify the true and false

(3) Lenovo: of course, earlier, after the acquisition of IBM PC business, new Lenovo launched major measures in the domestic consumables market, and Lenovo laser consumables were listed in brand-new packaging. Lenovo's new laser consumables are packaged in black and white, which is significantly different from the original packaging. In addition to the words "Lenovo Lenovo" printed on the front, the IOC global partners and the Olympic rings logo are printed on the bottom and right respectively, and the anti-counterfeiting label coating can be scraped off on the side. To a large extent, it can make consumers more convenient and accurate to judge the authenticity of Lenovo consumables, and protect the vital interests of consumers

second, packaging anti-counterfeiting, because you are safer

the strong investment of the original manufacturer, of course, has its reasons. No matter what new packaging is used, there is only one purpose, strengthening anti-counterfeiting and eliminating fake and shoddy products

1. The anti-counterfeiting cost is the threshold

the new packaging anti-counterfeiting technology used for office consumables this time involves many technologies, and the completion of the whole packaging anti-counterfeiting process requires multiple processes, so the cost is higher than before. This should not be a good thing for businesses, but on the contrary, the high cost is a high threshold for businesses to prevent counterfeiting. The cost is high, and the threshold is naturally high. Because the ultimate goal of the counterfeiter is to make profits, if he is asked to pay a high cost to forge, he will still have concerns. Even if he wants to fake, it is extremely difficult to imitate. Those fake packaging consumers can distinguish at a glance, which fundamentally shakes the idea of the counterfeiter. Compared with the previous paper packaging, the cost of anti-counterfeiting has greatly increased. Although Epson's practice has suffered some losses, it is absolutely "worth the money" because of the small size

2. Packaging anti-counterfeiting protection brand

brand protection is necessary for brand operation. This kind of phenomenon is the guarantee of oil trapping. Effective brand protection is an important guarantee for long-term and good results of brand operation, so we must pay attention to brand protection not long ago. The purpose of "wearing new clothes" of office consumables is to better implement brand protection and make it more difficult for counterfeiters and counterfeit products. This is the so-called "pre emptive, post emptive and pre emptive". The investment in anti-counterfeiting cannot be purely economic. If the brand is injured, it may be too late to prevent counterfeiting. Why the four office giants are still in an invincible position today has a lot to do with the concept of "pre emptive, brand protection" which constantly changes packaging and anti-counterfeiting. In addition, from a long-term perspective, packaging anti-counterfeiting not only respects consumers and protects consumers' rights and interests in early August this year, but also protects the interests of businesses on this basis

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