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Oring releases the serial port server IDS supporting isolation protection. With its high speed, security, scalability and high availability, industrial Ethernet has been widely used in various industrial sites. However, there are still a large number of traditional devices in the industrial field. How to connect these traditional serial port devices to the network is also an essential part of realizing industrial interconnection. The serial port server of oring can solve this problem without adjusting the equipment and changing the configuration. Only one oring serial port server is needed, and the traditional serial port equipment can be safely and conveniently connected to the hydraulic oil industry Ethernet

ids-242gt-i+ serial port connection server is a new member of oring serial port family. It has four rs-422/485 serial ports and two Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can convert serial port signals into network signals for data transmission. Not only that, one of the ports also meets the IEEE 802.11af standard, fatigue resistance), which shows that ids-242gt-i+ can be powered through PSE devices without installing additional power lines, and there will be a new fierce competition between lightweight materials, thereby reducing deployment time and cost. In addition, the serial port provides 2KV isolation protection, which helps to avoid damage to equipment caused by surges and grounding loops that often occur in industrial environments

ids-242gt insists on creating reassuring products for customers -i+ conforms to modbus/tcp protocol, and can be used as a MODBUS switch to realize the conversion of Modbus TCP protocol and Modbus RTU protocol, providing a cost-effective solution for connecting existing MODBUS serial devices or controllers to Ethernet. For users, traditional proprietary SCADA and HMI devices can be easily integrated into modern industrial Ethernet

ids-242gt-i+ serial port connected server can support sending data to five redundant hosts at the same time to avoid Ethernet interruption or host computer failure. In addition, it supports multiple working modes: virtual com, serial tunnel, TCP server, TCP client and UDP. With dual power input, supporting working temperature of -40 ~ 70 ℃, guide rail installation, ip-30 protection grade and compact design, ids-242gt-i+ is especially suitable for all kinds of industrial sites with harsh environment

about oring:

oring is an enterprise focusing on industrial network communication products and solutions. Headquartered in Taipei, it has subsidiaries and offices all over the world. Oring leads the market with its excellent R & D and design capabilities and forward-looking products, and has significant application advantages in special industries with harsh environment, such as rail transit, intelligent transportation, intelligent electricity, petroleum, metallurgy, etc. The main products include: industrial switch, industrial wireless AP, industrial wireless router, serial port device connection server, etc ()

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