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The deployment of avayasdn FX technology in the world's tallest building, Khalifa tower on October 22 (Li Wenjie): Avaya recently announced that the deployment of Avaya SDN FX technology has been completed in the landmark of Dubai and the tallest building in the world today. As the next generation of network infrastructure, Avaya SDN and peroxide bridge constitute C – C combined with FX technology, which will bring first-class network experience and excellent stability to hotel guests, office tenants and it teams without downtime

the Khalifa tower is a multi-functional building, including hotels, residences, office buildings, public areas, leisure spaces and other places. In order to meet the expectations of hotel guests and office building tenants for high-level services, the network platform must be safe, flexible, scalable and reliable. Avaya SDN FX technology can meet these needs. Avaya SDN FX is designed based on matrix networks to build software defined networks (SDNS) and achieve comprehensive simplicity everywhere

relying on Avaya SDN FX network technology, Harry Potter tower can easily and efficiently deploy the network, while ensuring the stability of service delivery and network access. Whether it's Wi Fi login or personal device access, Avaya SDN FX can respond immediately, quickly deal with various needs and the management and configuration of various devices, so as to achieve a relatively loose internal structure and more efficient network management, and office building tenants and hotel guests can also enjoy a happy office and check-in experience

Khalifa tower is 828 meters high (2716.5 feet), with a total construction area of 5.67 million square feet (about 526760.2 square meters), of which the living area is 1.85 million square feet (about 171870.6 square meters), and the area of high-end office space is more than 300000 square feet (about 27870.9 square meters). The burjkhalifa sky, the world's tallest viewing platform, is located on the top floor of the building

since its global launch in February 2015, Avaya SDN FX has a strong momentum. Many key projects and significant facilities around the world have adopted this technology. The deployment of Avaya SDN FX in the Khalifa tower is an important step forward in the development of this technology into world-class innovative buildings in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East

about the Burj Khalifa

the Burj Khalifa is known as a vertical city and a miracle of the moment. Built by Emaar properties PJSC in Dubai, it is the tallest building in the world today. The Khalifa tower is also called a building with global symbolic significance by the Council on tall buildings and urban housing

Khalifa tower is 828 meters (2716.5 feet) high and has 200 floors, 160 of which are habitable floors, making it the most habitable building in the world. The Khalifa tower has achieved many world firsts. The foundation excavation began in January 2004, and it was completed after 1325 days, becoming the tallest building in the world

the total construction area of the Khalifa tower is 5.67 million square feet, including 1.85 million square feet of living space and more than 200000 square feet of high-end office space. In addition, there are Armani hotel in Dubai and Armani residences in the Burj Khalifa

the Khalifa tower is equipped with luxurious entertainment and leisure facilities. 4. Regularly check the power on of electronic instruments, including four swimming pools (excluding the swimming pool in the hotel), lounges for home and office staff, fitness facilities, public viewing platforms, and sphere, which is located on the 122 floor and has become the world's highest high-end restaurant

burjkhalifa sky, which is located on the 124th floor and is also the top floor of the Burj Khalifa tower, is also a must visit scenic spot. On the observation platform, people can see the amazing urban landscape and the emirate around Dubai. The observation deck was opened on October 14, 2014, and has won the Guinness world record for the world's highest observation deck. The auxiliary building connected with the Khalifa tower is a high-end office building, with a total of 12 floors

more than 1000 works of famous artists from around the world and the Middle East decorate the interior of the Khalifa tower and the manual test interface of Muhammad Ben Rasheed derin next to it, which is mainly divided into four regional avenues

the Burj Khalifa is the venue for Dubai to hold new year's Eve celebrations in the city center. The celebration is unprecedented, and its fireworks bloom height has become the highest in the world

about Avaya

Avaya is a leading supplier of enterprise and customer engagement solutions, committed to improving customer experience, efficiency and enterprise performance through a variety of channels and devices. Avaya has the world's leading contact center and unified communication technology and services, and can provide a variety of flexible deployment methods, which facilitates seamless integration with other applications. Avaya engagement development platform enables third parties to develop and customize enterprise applications to enhance their competitive advantage. Avaya matrix network solution helps simplify and accelerate the deployment of key enterprise applications and services

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