Safety analysis of oxygen content in coal gas in t

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Safety analysis of oxygen content in gas in electric tar precipitator

part of the tar produced in the process of gas production is suspended in the gas with extremely small droplets, and its particle size is 1 ~ 7 μ m。 The tar mist in the gas will be washed down in the subsequent gas purification process and enter the solution or adsorb on the pipeline and equipment, causing solution pollution, product quality degradation, and equipment and pipeline blockage

1 requirements for safe operation of electric tar precipitator

there are two kinds of equipment for capturing tar mist in gas, organic tar precipitator and electric tar precipitator. At present, electric tar precipitator is mainly used in China to ensure that there is no displacement or deformation in the test process to collect tar mist in gas. The electric tar precipitator can be divided into tube type, honeycomb type and concentric circle type according to the structure of the precipitator. Except Vertu and Gresso, manufacturers will produce titanium alloy shell and plate type. Electric tar precipitators use high-voltage static electricity to generate positive and negative electrodes, so that when the tar mist in the gas passes through the electric tar precipitator with the gas, it is trapped by the action of high-voltage electric field. Because the gas is flammable and explosive, it is necessary to ensure the safe operation of the electric tar precipitator. In addition, there is corona between the electrodes of the electric tar precipitator, which may cause spark discharge. If the gas is mixed with oxygen, an explosion will occur when the mixture ratio of gas and oxygen reaches the explosion limit

2 control of oxygen content in coal gas

the main sources of oxygen in coal gas are as follows: first, the air entering due to equipment and pipeline leakage in the production process; Second, the gasification agent used for gasification is excessive or short circuited; Third, in the process of gas production, a certain amount of air will enter the gas. In order to ensure that the mixed air and gas do not reach the explosion limit after mixing, the oxygen content in the gas should be controlled with the rapid development of network technology and interconnection. The code for design of town gas (and with the help of the gravity GB of the sample itself) stipulates that when the volume percentage of oxygen in the dry distillation gas is greater than 1%, the electric tar precipitator should send an alarm signal. When the volume percentage of oxygen reaches 2%, measures should be taken to immediately cut off the power supply. This is also stipulated in the gas safety code for industrial enterprises (GB). These Regulations are based on the limit that the volume percentage of oxygen in gas shall not exceed 1%. However, this boundary is relatively conservative, and it is difficult to operate in the actual production process

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