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Safety and environmental protection measures for overhaul in the petrochemical industry

overhaul is the high incidence period of safety and environmental protection accidents in the petrochemical industry. Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. has formulated targeted control measures for the overhaul characteristics on the basis of actively doing a good job in organization, education, measures and materials, effectively ensuring the safety, environmental protection and stability during overhaul

I. preparations before overhaul

1. Organize and implement

the company, workshop and overhaul team have set up a three-level safety and environmental protection control group, which is responsible for the leadership of overhaul safety and environmental protection work, the organization and allocation of safety and environmental protection work during overhaul, and the implementation of safety and environmental protection measures and safety and environmental protection assessment. The above three levels sign maintenance safety and environmental protection certificates respectively to implement the safety and environmental protection responsibilities of personnel at all levels. The contents include: formulation and implementation of safety and environmental protection measures, illegal command, illegal operation, management of illegal personnel, accident classification, etc. The certificate is in triplicate, which shall be filed by the operation team, workshop and company respectively for inspection

2. Education and implementation

(1) the education content of the company's employees before maintenance is mainly based on the maintenance safety and environmental protection management regulations, 61 prohibitions against on-site violations, start-up and shutdown plans and process treatment plans, post start-up and shutdown operating procedures, and pre hazard analysis of work items. They can only participate in the maintenance after passing the examination

(2) external construction workers must receive safety and environmental protection education from the safety and environmental protection department and sign a safety and environmental protection agreement for field construction workers before operation

3. implementation of measures

(1) the start-up and shutdown plans, process treatment plans and maintenance plans of key projects of each workshop must be reviewed by the workshop, submitted to the production department and the safety and environment department for countersignature, finalized after passing the defense, and distributed the finalized plan to all relevant positions for learning. The heads of all competent departments and workshops implement the implementation of the plan, and make inspection records for assessment and inspection

(2) various schemes must include specific safety and environmental protection control points, and specify the organization and implementation person, executor, acceptance person and acceptance standard of the specific scheme. Arrange the time and personnel control chart for key and high-risk maintenance items, so that the time and personnel meet the requirements of safety maintenance, and prevent unreasonable personnel arrangement due to rushing for time and progress, resulting in accidents

4. Material implementation

(1) technicians of all relevant disciplines shall carry out a safety certification for the company's electric welding equipment, electric tools, temporary power distribution facilities, electrical safety appliances, motor handling tools, hoisting machines and tools, riggings, ropes, guide chains, bamboo ladders, auxiliary lifting lugs, anchor points and other facilities and appliances. After the certification is qualified, they can be used in maintenance after labeling

(2) the safety officer of each workshop shall check the safety helmet, safety belt, insulating gloves, acid and alkali proof supplies, anti-virus, lighting, warning, warning facilities (warning rope, warning board, no move board, blind board, etc.) owned and used by individuals in the workshop one by one, and register them. The inspected supplies must be clearly marked for inspection during maintenance, so as to completely prevent the appearance of unqualified protective supplies at the maintenance site

(3) all kinds of blind plates used in each workshop shall be specially designed by the process and equipment technicians at their posts, and their material thickness and geometric dimensions shall comply with national standards. Blind plates shall be managed and distributed by special personnel

(4) before maintenance, all units must conduct a comprehensive inspection of ladders, platforms, elevated platforms, scaffolds, accident flushing water sources, etc. in the unit area to ensure that they are in good condition and standby. And reserve the first-aid water according to the maintenance water cut-off arrangement

II. Safety and environmental protection management measures during maintenance

1. adhere to the safety and environmental protection process control management of major maintenance projects, and three-level safety and environmental protection supervision and control shall be carried out by the person in charge of the post (maintenance), the safety officer of the workshop, and the personnel of the safety and environmental protection department.

2. If there is no prior hazard analysis, no clear safety technical measures, and no tickets suitable for the maintenance task, The site safety condition is poor (no safe passage, no lighting at night, no safety guarantee for grade separation operation, etc.), and the maintenance personnel have the right to refuse to perform the task, so that oxygen atoms can quickly enter the material; Impurity element o forces employees to perform tasks according to the on-site conditions, and is treated as illegal command, and the executor is treated as illegal operation

3. After parking, each workshop must set up day and night safety warning signs in the dangerous areas (containers, pits and underground wells of flammable, explosive, toxic and burning media), and the open manholes must be sealed, so that the grantor cannot enter the warning area by mistake. For the storage tank area, special personnel must be assigned to be on duty, customized and implemented, and the contact signals and alarm methods must be specified to prevent accidents

4. it is required that the safety of long carbon fiber products at all levels is 25% higher than that of the same proportion. The whole staff should focus on monitoring the dangerous maintenance items, give consideration to the general maintenance items, achieve the continuous safety monitoring of the whole staff, all directions and the whole process, and make the safety process control records according to the specified ambient temperature and other formats

5. The storage of all kinds of wastes generated during maintenance shall be placed in the specified place as required, and safety and environmental protection measures such as rain proof, leakage proof, fire prevention, loss prevention shall be taken according to their nature. In the process of waste transportation, measures should be taken to prevent spillage and leakage, and the transportation department (or individual) should be responsible for cleaning up the spilled waste and leakage liquid in the process of transportation

6. In case of the above accidents, such as attempted accidents, the maintenance must be stopped for rectification, and the work can be resumed only after the cause of the accident is found out, the person is dealt with, the employees are educated and preventive measures are formulated

7. all workshops shall strictly control fatigue operation and prevent employees from working more than 10h every day. Try to reduce the maintenance work at night. When it is necessary to arrange the maintenance at night, the materials required for the maintenance at night should be prepared in advance to ensure sufficient lighting and complete protective equipment. The blind plates for maintenance should be added and withdrawn according to the preset blind plate diagram and number

8. The site after maintenance shall be cleaned in time. Protective devices and safety facilities of the equipment (4) Liuzhou Yinhai aluminum transportation aluminum plate rolling technology project passed the acceptance, and the removal of cover plates, fence handrails, lightning protection devices, etc. should be restored to the original state. Scaffolds, temporary wires, temporary warning signs, etc. used for maintenance shall be removed. The first-aid facilities, fire-fighting equipment and protective equipment moved during the maintenance shall be restored to the original state

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