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Safety and economic analysis of the operation of single and double circulating water pumps of the unit

the circulating water fragments of our plant are the secondary circulating water fragments with cooling tower, and the large unit system is extended. The outlet of the circulating water pump is to the condenser, and the condenser discharges water to the cooling tower. After cooling, it falls into the forebay of the circulating water pump and then to the circulating water pump. Two 50% circulating water pumps and a 9000m2 cooling water tower are built for each unit, and the make-up water comes from the make-up water pump room by the river

circulating water pump model: 92lkxa-27.6, type: vertical wet well diagonal flow pump, lift 24 meters, flow: 38520m3/h; Circulating pump motor power: 3300kW, power factor: 0.78

under summer working conditions, with the decrease of ambient temperature, the outlet temperature of circulating water rises. After entering the condenser, under the same cooling result of the condenser, the heat taken away by circulating water is less, the rise of circulating water temperature exceeds the additional value, and the vacuum drops and deviates from the design value. In order to improve the economic benefit of our plant, reduce the coal consumption of the unit and ensure the economic benefit of the cold end of the unit, when the tensile load is stopped immediately when there is data display, the double circulation pump operation method is adopted, and the calculation is stopped through the relevant experience formula to stop the comparison of the economic benefit of the cold end

Wanhua Ningbo high performance materials project start-up and experiment I

on July 2, the load of #2 unit in the middle shift stabilized at 550MW for one hour, the double circulation pump operated, and the C circulation pump stopped at 16:00. The following parameters:

N1 = 3583/550000 288 = 1.88 (g/kwh)

(5) under the additional load of 600MW unit in our plant, The increase of vacuum degree by 1% affects the coal consumption of 1.79g/kwh. Stop calculation: (standard atmospheric pressure in Guixi area: 99.7kpa)

N2 = 1.08/-99.7 100% 550/600 1.79 = -1.79 (g/kwh)

(6) economic benefits: △ n = 1.88-1.79 = 0.09 (g/kwh)

conclusion: A. at 550MW load and 31.4 ℃ outlet temperature of circulating water, the coal consumption increases by 0.09 after an additional circulating pump is started.(g/kwh)

b. If the coal consumption is 3.4g/kwh due to the increase of 1% of the auxiliary power consumption rate of our plant, stop the calculation:

5.63 the detection equipment is backward or lacking;% - 4.87% = 0.76% 0.76% 550/600 3.4 = 2.37 (g/kwh) △ n = 2.37 - replace the broken 1.79 = 0.58 (g/kwh) with the spare dry spring relay. When the double circulation pump operates, the coal consumption increases by 0.58 (g/kwh). Note: since the power consumption rate of the factory in the statistical period includes auxiliary power, the change of auxiliary power load will affect the calculation results

, experiment 2

on July 4, the load of #2 unit in the middle shift was 580mw, the single circulation pump operated, and the double circulation pump operated at 14:25. The parameters were as follows:

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